The Laurin Keller Memorial

   Honoring A Friend and Fellow Chess Player     

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This tournament was held in loving memory of Laurin Keller of Greensboro.

Players got to stretch out in the large meeting room this month, with a table for each board.

Dr. Joe Graves (left) racked up his first victory with a tough challenge from Michael Tedder.

We want to welcome Michael to his first tournament in Asheboro!

Hat Trick: Professor Stephen Maynard (L) & Zakir Ahmed don the Lance Armstrong look for their round one contest, which ended in a hard fought draw.

Gold Standard Chess: Former TAO Champion Matthew Greene (L) was outgunned by Charlotte Expert Randy Lovelace in round one action.

Greensboro thrill seekers Stephen Styers (L) and Michael Clay climb mental mountains in round one.

Chess on a Hot Tin Roof: Asheboro TD Mark Stout (L) stays cool as a cucumber during his round one match with Yimo Chen.

Scholastic veteren Eric Noden (L) and Keven Chen square off in round one.

Scholastic showdown! Asheboro's Jonathan McNeill (R) managed just a draw against first surprisingly strong Derek Zhang in round one.

Dr. Joe Graves (L) outmaneuvered first round opponent Michael Tedder.

Conjuring the Draw Demon: Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (L) keeps within the draw margin in his first round battle with Stephen Maynard.

Board Two Tears: Super strong David Noden (L) couldn't get more than a draw against first round opponent Mark Gragg.

Scholastic Shooting Stars!! Jonathan McNeill (L) and Derek Zhang have both been gaining strength rapidly. Here they ponder their round one position.

Finishing touches...Greensboro's Stephen Styers attempts to close the deal in round one. Michael Clay was his opponent.

Making a list, and checking twice: Yimo Chen (L) and Michael Clay record their moves during round two.

Mi Reflejo: TD Tom Hales sneaks into the picture as Craig Rogers (L) hypnotizes first round opponent Jonathan McNeill into a queen drop. Ouch!

Draw Ditty: Stephen Styers (L) managed to hold a draw in a nearly impossible position with second round opponent Mark Stout.

The Greene Machine is back! Greensboro's Matthew Greene (L) found a winning plan against second round opponent Mark Gragg.

King Sized Talent: Fayetteville's Paul King (L) lives up to his name in round two maneuvers with Prof. Stephen Maynard.

Chess Bouncer Larry Williams (L) faced tough David Noden in round two.

Draws Not Allowed! Drawmaster Zakir Ahmed (L) faces unstoppable FM Ron Simpson in round two action. Point taken!

Can Do Attitude: Kevin Chen (L) played with a lot of heart against third round opponent Michael Clay.

Calm Before the Storm: FM Ron Simpson (L) produces chess storms with pawn-sized hail. Fearless Randy Lovelace chases the storm in round three.

Last Round Pressure Cooker: Fayetteville's Paul King (L) and David Noden square off for their share of first place.

Find Another Gear: Chess Machine Matthew Greene (L) kicks it up a notch to draw last round opponent Dr. Joe Graves.

Endgame Avenger in Action! Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (L) tees off with Michael Tedder in round three.

Scholastic shocker! Matt Embler (L) shook up the tournament with his 3-0 performance. Here he is seen with last round victim Stephen Styers.

Clock Slapping Fun: Eric Noden (L) and Craig Rogers joust in round three action.

Scholastic hopeful Kevin Chen (L) practices his technique with third round opponent Michael Clay.

Scholastic show down! Yimo Chen (L) faced tough Jonathan McNeill in round three action.

Scholastic Power Player! Derek Zhang (L) continues to impress as he climbs the ratings ladder. Asheboro's Mark Stout went down fighting, though!

Kathy Gong makes use of our high speed internet between rounds. This area also serves as a large skittles room for players.

In Memory of Our Friend. FM Ron Simpson takes a moment to remember Laurin Keller. He tied for 1st with Co-Champion Paul King.

We want to thank FM Simpson for his support this month. He took time to analyze with many players, adding to everyone's experience. We appreciate it!

One of Fayetteville's Finest: Paul King combined two wins with a first round bye to tie for 1st Place.

Class Act: Greensboro players Matthew Greene (L) and Stephen Maynard shared the class prize in the Championship Section.

He Took No Prisoners! Matt Embler shook up the tournament with his smoking 3-0 performance to win 1st place in the Candidate's Section.

Matt also earned 221 rating points. Bang...Zoom!

Sixty Dollars and Sixty Rating Points! Derek Zhang finished with a solid 2.5 to earn clear 2nd in the Candidate's Section.

In The Money: Yimo Chen (L) and Michael Clay tied for the class prize in the Candidate's Section.