The 2007 North Carolina Open Championship

 Nothing Could Be Finer Than to be in Carolina...Playing CHESS!

     150 Mental Warriors Converge from Eight States for North Carolina's Flagship Event

        Chess players can be more difficult to photograph than Bigfoot!  Seriously, non flash photography is difficult.  So I have chosen the top photos from among over 100.  These vary in quality from decent to spectacular.  All apologies if you didn't make the cut.  Be sure to check out the video section for more coverage.  Still missing?  Come back next year for another shot at chess immortality.  Be sure to bring a smile!  

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Veteran Michael Tedder (L) faces a tough rook and pawn ending with second round opponent Eric Noden.

G-Men Analyze! Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (L) gives friend Michael Clay some pointers.

Not For Rookies! Paul Lillebo (L) and Jonathan McNeill go deep into endgame theory in round two action.

Youth & Experience Collide! Tennessee's Matthew Marsh (L) tries to hold on against former SC Champion Wayne Christianson in round two.

A Virtual Chess Warehouse! Organizer Thad Rogers is known for his wide selection of chess books, clocks, sets, software, DVDs, and cool apparel.

Tournament Director Victor Beaman (R) grabs a quick drink and chats with a friend.

Virginia Pride! Anjali Patel (R) displays her hometown spirit with a Virginia Tech logo. Her 3rd rd. game with Seth Taylor-Brill ended with a draw.

Scholastic Stars Square Off: Derek Zhang (L) and Zachary High are two of North Carolina's most active players.

Pillarious! Three time VA Champion Russell Potter organizes his vitamins like a mini chess army.

1. e4 1...a6!? FIDE Master Miles Ardaman (L) is well known for his unusual repertoire. Here the 2006 NC Champion faces NC Icon NM Neal Harris.

Unstoppable Force Collides with Immovable Object! FM Ron Simpson (R) handed NM Chris Mabe his only loss of the tournament, which Mabe went on to win.

Watch Your Flank! Former NCCA President NM Neal Harris "goes ED" on FM Miles Ardaman.

Oh Boy, I Get To Play The Russian! Fresh from his 1st place finish at the TACO, Alexei Gorbounov (L) faces the chess stylings of VA's Josh Lilly.

Rust Proof!? Michael McHale (R) tied for 1st in the under 2000 Section despite a 2+ year hiatus from rated chess. James Thompson is his opponent.

More Power Than a Steaming Locomotive: Kevin Huang is a scholastic Man of Steel in North Carolina Chess.

North vs. South: SC's Robert Halliday (L) and NC's Toban Logan stake out their territory in round three action.

He Will Rock You: Milton Kicklighter (R) stands out in a crowd with his flowing hair. Joseph Micklos (L) is his third round opponent.

I Read 200 Chess Books this about you? Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill has a Fischeresque work ethic that has rapidly improved his game.

One Active Player! Fayetteville's Larry Williams (L) has played in TWENTY TWO tournaments in 2007!

His 3rd Rd. opponent is Paul Lillebo.

Dressed For Chess: VA's Russell Scott (L) and Dave Eadie are ready for the inevitable attack of the AC. Rear: Surryabrata Dutta bundles up too.

Taking Hydration Seriously: Charlotte's Jonathan Hudson (R) with a King Sized water bottle. Mike Eberhardinger was his 3rd Rd. opponent.

We Ain't Out of the Woods Yet: Asheboro's Jordan Wood (R) plays opponent Brian Woods in round three.

Russian Style: Lev Zilberter (L) has become a force in NC Chess. Tough Jack Brooks (R) held the line in round three for the draw.

Don't Mess with the President: Roanoke Valley Chess Club President Richard White squares off against NC's Roger Sample in round three.

Scholastic Shooting Star! Dominique Myers (R) played UP, yet still lost only once in the tournament! Lt. Col. Ambrous Jacobs was his 3rd rd opponent

Masters Beware! Greensboro's Jacob Parrish (R) managed to upset former SC Champion NM Klaus Pohl in round three.

Cobra Style: Carolina Cobra NM Craig Jones (L) had a tough tournament this year. Opponent Jonathan Munnell held him to a draw in round three.

Scholastic & Fantastic: NC's Thomas Paradis (R) played in the Open Section. He is seen here in his third rd. game with Georgia's Timothy Brookshear.