The 2007 North Carolina Open Championship

 Nothing Could Be Finer Than to be in Carolina...Playing CHESS!

     150 Mental Warriors Converge from Eight States for North Carolina's Flagship Event

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Play Me Some Mountain CHESS: Pilot Moutain's Scott Baldwin (L) faces an uphill battle against Tennessee's Matthew Marsh in round three.

High Hopes: Scholastic sensation David High (R) had a tough tournament after edging into the <2000 Section. Ellis Jones was his 3rd rd. opponent.

Mental Jousting: Daniel Kulich (L) gives third round opponent Lee Zinzow something to think about.

Can You Caption This? Unknown Players square off in round three. Email if you can fill in the names for me!

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A Good Hair Day: Greensboro's Michael Clay (R) never fails to impress with his sense of style. Here he squares off with Paul Ingram in round three.

Chess Dad & Chess Son match wits! Dr. Walter High (L) entered the tourney with sons David & Zachary. Vladamir Zilberter entered with Father Lev.

West Virginia Style: WV's Gilbert Stone (L) faces GA's Suryabrata Dutta in round three action.

How About Some Quiet in Here? VA's NM Russell Potter (L) improvises with finger ear plugs. NC's own FM Ron Simpson is his opponent.

Scholastic Star Shines! Kevin Chen (L) had a great tournament, tying for first place and picking up 160 rating points! Anjali Patel is his opponent.

Cool Under Pressure: Virginia's Anjali Patel (L) held scholastic sensation Kevin Chen to draw in round 4.

A Sample Plan: Roger Sample (L) hard at work against 4th round opponent James Thompson.

If I Don't Win, You Don't Win! Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (L) secures a draw with 4th round opponent Tim Rankin.

That King Seems a Bit Exposed: Charlotte's Cheops NM Chris Mabe (L) goes King hunting in his game with last year's Champion FM Miles Ardaman.

I'll Drink To That! Ken Baxter (L) proposes a toast as NCCA treasure Gerben Hoekstra looks on. (Don't worry, mom, it's non alcoholic!).

Chess Researchers Exposed! (L-R) Mark Gragg, Jonathan McNeill, and Jordan Wood prepare for their next round.

The Joy of Chess: Seth Taylor-Brill (L) analyzes a game with Raleigh TD Charles Yu.