The Asheboro Open X

 North Carolina Chess Is Groovy!

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David High (left) enjoys a pre-tourney blitz game with Jonathan Lang.

Daniel Ulshen (left) warms up with Tanner Hogue. FM Andrey Chumachenko observes.

FM Chumachenko (right) bedazzles onlookers with his blitz prowess. Jonathan Lang is his lucky (!?) opponent.

"I show you special variation!" Jonathan Lang (left) is outgunned by FM Chumachenko. Tanner Hogue watches.

Charlotte's Gary Branton (right) faces an uphill battle in round one. FM Chumachenko is all business.

Asheboro wants to welcome these two tough competitors to their first Asheboro Open!

Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (left) faces Latvian born wiz-kid Eugene Tiselsky in round one.

Congratulations to Eugene Tiselsky (right), who won an exciting knight & pawn endgame with only seconds on the clocks.

Onlookers were witness to a great chess moment between two tough competitors. McCartney & Tiselsky were playing with a 5 second delay, which only added to the drama.

Larry Williams (right) had a tough first round pairing with NC Chess Icon John Timmel.

Asheboro's own Robin Johnston (left) befuddles first round opponent Daniel Ulshen with his unusual "Echidna" Defense.

"The Echidna Lives!" Robin Johnston (left) prevailed in the first round match up.

Asheboro wants to welcome Daniel Ulshen (a previous winner) back to our tournament.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers (left) outlasted Asheboro TD Mark Stout in a tense bishop vs. rook endgame.

Ken Charette (left) faces off with young Anthony Upchurch in round one.

Young Anthony Upchurch (right) was outgunned in his round one match with Ken Charette.

Son of Asheboro TD Rick Upchurch, Anthony has attended several Asheboro Opens.

Asheboro's own Charles Mitchell (left) faces tough opposition in round one vs. Tanner Hogue.

While Mitchell lost the game, he said he was proud of his effort. At one point, he led by an exchange.

Asheboro TD Rick Upchurch faced young gun David High in round one action.

We want to welcome David to his first non-scholastic tournament!

NC Chess Icon John Timmel (left) can't quite match Russian powerhouse Chumachenko.

Larry Williams (right) surpresses a grin after playing 1. g4!? (Grob's Attack) against Patrick McCartney.

Eugene Tiselsky (left) is quickly earning a reputation as NC's chess "wiz kid." He is seen here in round two action vs. Charlotte's Gary Branton.

Asheboro's own Robin Johnston (left) was "in the zone" today and cruised to a second round victory against Ken Charette.

Ian Haigler (left) faces a hooded Hogue in round two. The game eventually concluded as a draw.

Asheboro TD Rick Upchurch takes on Greensboro's Stephen Styers in round two.

David High (left) secured a second round win in his game with Asheboro TD Mark Stout.

Asheboro's Anthony Upchurch faced an uphill battle in round two vs. Daniel Ulshen.

CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL! FM Andrey Chumachenko schools young gun Eugene Tiselsky in round three.

Two top-shelf players duke it out. Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (left) faces Hillsborough's John Timmel in round three.

McCartney managed a draw against slightly favored Timmel.

Charlotte's Gary Branton (left) played through to victory in his round three match with Larry Williams.

Candidate's FINAL: Greensboro's Stephen Styers (left) faced Canadian born Robin Johnston in round three.

Ian Haigler (left) fought Asheboro's Rick Upchurch to a third round draw.

Tanner "The Hood" Hogue (left) secured a win and 2nd place with his round three victory over Ken Charette.

Asheboro's own Mark Stout (left) decided to play round three and was rewarded with a victory against talented young Jonathan Lang.

The Asheboro Open X was a good success with 18 players participating in the action. We also raised $$ for the club with a sale of some donated books.

Special thanks to Robert Coble of Asheboro for his generous donation of many classic chess books!

Fide Master Andrey Chumachenko was definately King of the Jungle with his perfect 3-0 finish. Congratulations!

Asheboro wants to welcome Andrey to NC Chess. We were honored to host a player of his caliber!

Latvian born wiz kid Eugene Tiselsky shook up the tournament with his impressive upsets in round one and two.

Eugene Tiselsky earned clear 2nd in the Championship Section.

Asheboro TD Robin Johnston ruled the Candidate's Section with a perfect score of 3-0.

Special thanks to Robin for his help with set up both before and after the tournament.

Young gun Tanner Hogue secured a clear 2nd place with his impressive 2.5 performance!