The Asheboro Open XI

 North Carolina Chess Rocks In Asheboro!  

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Jacob Parrish (left) faces Eugene Tiselsky in round one.

Young Zachary High squares off against Asheboro's own Robin Johnston in round one action.

David High (left) had a tough pairing against Charlotte's Dave Eadie in round one.

Fayetteville's Larry Williams (left) faced Asheboro alumnus Tom Lewis in round one.

Mike Eberhardinger in round one action against Kevin Greene.

Greensboro's Laurin Keller flexes his "guns" and ponders the position in round one.

Asheboro alumnus Tom Lewis (right) returns to tournament chess after a long hiatus. His opponent is Larry Williams.

We want to welcome Tom back to rated chess, and back to Asheboro!

Charlotte's Dave Eadie (left) is not camera shy.

Young gun Tanner Hogue (left) has his hands full in round one vs. Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed.

Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (right) is an underrated endgame virtuoso.

Greensboro's Jacob Parrish could not topple Tiselsky. The two "went the distance" but things ended in a draw.

Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed fought Fayetteville's Larry Williams to a second round draw.

Charlotte's Dave Eadie puts on his poker glasses for round two. His opponent, Juergen Werner, is on the right.

Asheboro wants to welcome Dave & Juergen to their first Asheboro Open! We hope to see you back.

Charlotte's Dave Eadie (left) was well prepared for the camera flash!!

(Actually, we don't use flash photography during play)

Zachary High (left) in round two action against Kevin Greene.

Mike Eberhardinger (left) faces Asheboro own Robin Johnston in round two.

Laurin Keller (left) in round two action against young gun David High.

Jonathan Lang (left) had a good day against Dave Eadie.

Lang earned 46 rating points with his 1.5 finish. Congratulations, Jonathan!

High Point's Tom Lewis (left) tries to shake the rust off in round two vs. young gun Tanner Hogue.

Greensboro's Jacob Parrish (left) faced Juergen Werner in round two.

Two G-Men (Greensboro residents) duke it out in round three.

Asheboro's own Robin Johnston befuddles Laurin Keller with his patented "Echidna" Defense in round three.

The Brothers Cashermerov: Zachary & David High captured the class prizes.

Jacob Parrish "The Big Bad Wolf" prowled his way to clear second place.

Parrish went undefeated with his impressive 2.5 finish.

Asheboro takes the GOLD!! Asheboro TD Robin Johnston outflanked his competition to earn clear first place!

Congratulations to Robin for his smoking 3-0 performance.

Thanks, too, for his help both before and after the tournament. These tables don't set themselves up!