The Asheboro Open XII

 Where Chess Memories Are Made...  

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The meeting room at Days Inn offers plenty of space for players. A separate skittles room is also available for analysis or friendly games.

Michael Carroll (left) returns to Asheboro on a mission. We want to welcome law student Jiri Janko (right) to his first tournament with us.

Seasoned veteren John T. Davis (left) served as a house player in round one, helping us avoid a forced bye and earning a point for his efforts.

Asheboro wants to welcome High Point's Scott Parker (right) to our tournament. We hope to see you back!

Matthew Greene (left) and Samuel Xin arrived a bit late, but enjoyed an extra rated game nonetheless.

Greensboro's Big Bad Wolf (Jacob Parrish, left) came within seconds of a time win in round one.

Ian Haigler, right, managed to swap things down to a draw at the last second.

Andrew Dejong (right) had a tough day against some strong opponents. Charlotte's Spencer Singleton (left) was his first round opponent.

We want to welcome Andrew & Spencer to The Asheboro Open.

Assistant TD Rick Upchurch (left) faced Eugene "Wiz Kid" Tiselsky in round one action.

Underrated Tiselsky took charge early and earned the point convincingly.

Milton Kicklighter (left) pulled off an upset against heavily favored Larry Williams in round one.

We want to express our deepest sympathy to Larry Williams, who recently lost his father. Larry, we sincerely appreciate your support of this tournament.

Spencer Singleton (left) had a tough pairing in round two vs. Michael Carroll.

Andrew Dejong (left) squares off against Scott Parker in round two.

Greensboro's Jacob Parrish attempts to suppress an outbreak of the giggles as he faces friend Matthew Greene.

Is that TWO cans of Red Bull? That could bring out the Tal in anyone! Sac, sac, sac, MATE!

Law student Jiri Janko (left) faced Asheboro's own Rick Upchurch in round two.

We wonder if Jiri tried Legal's mate? :-)

Charlotte prodigy Samuel "X-Man" Xin (left) gives Ian Haigler a headache in round two.

Michael Carroll (left) was outplayed early in round three by Eugene Tiselsky.

Experience counts! Michael Carroll (left) found a way to turn the tables on Tiselsky.

Water vs. Red Bull in round three! Scott Parker (left) managed to draw Matthew "Chess Machine" Greene.

Greensboro's Big Bad Wolf faces Charlotte's Xman in round three! Who will prevail?

Jacob Parrish (left) managed only a draw against talented young Samuel Xin.

Milton Kicklighter (left) faced persistant time trouble. Charlotte's Spencer Singleton won his round three game, securing the class prize.

Best sport award goes to Andrew Dejong (left), who played well against three much higher rated opponents. Rick Upchurch is on the right.

Jiri Janko (left) faced Fayetteville's Larry Williams in round three. Larry won to capture a share of 2nd place.

Larry Williams (right) demonstrates proper move recording technique.

Michael B. Carroll was unstoppable, and captured clear first with his perfect 3-0 performance. Congratulations!

Call him Mr. First Place! Michael Carroll has either tied or won first place in all three Asheboro Open appearances!

Charlotte's Spencer Singleton tied for 2nd, but took the class prize (which was slightly more).

Spencer demonstrates his award-winning smile.

Dedicated "chess dad." Samuel Xin's father gets some well deserved rest as the competition comes to a close.