The Asheboro Open XIV

 Thirty-Two Players Match Wits in The Heart of North Carolina!  

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Due to a fire in our usual tournament room, The Asheboro Open XIV was held in the motel's dining area. This is usually our skittles area.

Eye of the Tiger: Raleigh's Yash Mehta (right) proved he is underrated in his first round match with Renato Jesalva.

Is that Eugene? Eugene Tiselsky (left) in round one action vs. Eugene Cloete. Let the fireworks begin!!

Don't mess with the U.S. Navy! Josh Lawson (left, who recently finished Navy boot-camp) faced young gun Tanner Hogue in round one.

The Doctor is in! Dr. Walter High (left) diagnoses the position in round one action with Andrew Dejong.

Andrew Dejong (right) passed his check-up and outlasted Dr. High in round one.

In the zone! Beatrice Dlesk (right) was all business in her first round match with Ashley Brackins.

Gary Morris (left) had his hands full against tough Adam Holmes in round one.

Greensboro's own Ambrose Jacobs (left) had a difficult first round pairing with NC Expert John Timmel.

99.44% pure chess: Former NC Champion Alan Patrick (left) outflanks Texan Jim Hollingsworth in round one.

MAJ Hollingsworth was recently called to active duty at Fort Bragg. We wish you all the best, sir!

A gentlemen's duel. Larry Williams (left) squares off against David Noden in round one.

Rising chess star David High (left) faced veteren player Stephen Styers in the first round.

NC Chess icon John Timmel (left) faced a solid opponent in Greensboro's Ambrose Jacobs for round one.

It had to be Yu: Raleigh's Charles Yu (left foreground) managed an impressive draw in his first round match with Russian Henry Mattison.

Henry is a computer programmer for Lowe's Hardware, and currently resides in North Wilkesboro.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers (left) earned the point against his determined younger opponent, David High.

Dr. Joseph L. Graves made his first appearance at The Asheboro Open. He fought his first round opponent (Matthew Greene) to a draw.

David High (left) faces newcomer Michael Clay of Greenboro in round two.

We want to welcome Michael to his first USCF rated tournament!

Wolfpacker Charles Yu (left) in round two action with Dr. Joseph Graves of Greensboro.

Like father, like son. Eric Noden (left) proves that he may one day fill his father's shoes. Zachary High is his opponent.

Return of a champion! Former NC women's champion Theresa Williams (right) in her second round match with Mark Stout of Asheboro.

We want to welcome Theresa back to competitive chess.

Chess Wiz Eugene Tiselsky (left) couldn't quite find the magic in his round two matchup with seasoned veteren Ambrose Jacobs.

MAJ Jim Hollingsworth of Texas (left) in his second round match with Gary Morris.

Burnice Bullock (left) was on fire and cruised to victory in round two. Stephen Styers was his opponent.

Renato Jesalvar (left) squares off against Dr. Walter High in round two action.

The determined face of a champion. Andrew Dejong had a good day, and went on to tie for first place.

Assistant TD Mark Stout in his second round match with Theresa Williams. Mark commented after the game, "She's tough!"

Elijah Jesalva (right) outlasted underrated Tony Tarabec in round two.

The chess of champions...Alan Patrick (left) shows why he is a former NC Champion. Adam Holmes (right) is his lucky (!?) opponent.

IM Mikhail Nepomnyaschiy (left) dropped by and graciously accepted a challenge from Yash Mehta.

After landing in quadruple zugswang and double check, Yash Mehta (right) can't help but smile.

Greensboro's Joseph Graves (right) had a tough matchup with John Timmel in round three.

Adam Holmes (right) sporting a cast in round three action with Ambrose Jacobs.

Relax,'s a biking injury--not a chess injury.

Championship bout! Eric Noden (left) and Andrew Dejong fought to a draw to split first prize.

Renato Jesalva (left) in his last round game with Beatrice Dlesk.

Yash Mehta (right) ponders his position in round three. Zachary High is his opponent.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers in his round three matchup with Michael Clay.

Alan Patrick dominated with his perfect 3-0 performance to win the Championship Section. Congratulations!!

Russian born Henry Mattison was undefeated with a score of 2.5, and earned clear 2nd in the Championship Section. Solid performance!

Burnice Bullock dominated the Candidate's Section, and won 1st place with his perfect 3-0 performance. He also earned 35 rating points. Whoosh!

Future NC Champions? Eric Noden (left) and Andrew Dejong drew their last round game, and tied for 1st place in the Club Section. Impressive chess!