The Asheboro Open XV

 Thirty-Three Players Take Center Stage for Championship Chess!  

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Our remodeled tournament room has better lighting and slightly more space.

Like father like son! Nishanth Shah (right) faces tournament newbie Jordan McNeill in round one. Anish, his father, sits center left.

Young veterens Zachary High (left) and Eric Noden in round one action.

Tanner Hogue (left) faced a tough field of competitors in the Championship Section. Retired LTC Ambrose Jacobs was his 1st round opponent.

The Grob lives!? Fayetteville's Larry Williams (left) Grobs for broke in his round one matchup with John Timmel.

Two former champions collide! Alan Patrick (left) shows his mettle against rising star Matthew Greene in round one.

Fayetteville's Theresa Williams (left) battled back in round one to earn the draw against Kernersville's Keith Hooker.

Dr. Joseph Graves (left) outlasted Charles Yu in round one. We appreciate that Charles agreed to play up, which avoided byes. Thanks!

Charlotte's Kevin Huang (left) proved himself in the Championship Section, scoring a first round victory against David Noden.

Anish Shah (left center) squares off against Andrew Dejong in round one.

High Point's Lee Cecil (left) faced rising chess star David High in round two. We want to welcome Lee to his first Asheboro Open.

Mike Eberhardinger (left) in his round two matchup with Amir Hosseini.

Russian expert Henry Mattison (left) faced a determined David Noden in round two.

David High (left rear) faced Yuki Wakiya in round two.

Ashley Brackins (left) in his round two matchup with Andrew Dejong.

Dr. Walter High (right) faces the music in his round two matchup with Hiroki Wakiya.

Kernersville TD Keith Hooker (left) was outgunned by young JJ Lang in round two.

Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill (left rear) in his round two matchup with Eric Noden.

Sonic Youth! Tanner Hogue (left) managed to defeat veteren Larry Williams in round two.

Nishanth Shah (left) and John Sailer fought each other to a draw in round two.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers squares off against Theresa Williams in round two.

The Wizard of Chess returns! Rising star Eugene Tiselsky (left) showed Dr. Joseph Graves his magic in round two.

Lee Cecil (left) faced Asheboro's own Robin Johnston in round two.

Championship bout! Henry Mattison (left) had a tough slip that dropped his queen in round 3. Eugene Tiselsky was his opponent.

Clash of the Titans! Two of NC's finest nuke it out. Alan Patrick (left) and John Timmel face off in round three.

Chess Mind Meld! Mike Eberhardinger (left) and Dr. Joseph Graves boldly go where no chess player has gone before.

Theresa Williams faced young gun David High in round three.

Amir Hosseini (left) in his third round matchup with Larry Williams.

NC's chess future: Eric Noden (left) and Nishanth Shah in round three action.

Asheboro's own Robin Johnston (left) gives his opponent JJ Lang a taste of his patented "Echidna Defense" in round three.

Raleigh TD Charles Yu (left) endured tough pairings in the Championship Section. David Noden was his third round opponent.

Three up, three down!! Hiroki Wakiya took no prisoners, but took home clear 1st place and $140.00 cash in the Club Section. Bravo!

JJ Lang and Yuki Wakiya tied for 1st in the Candidate's Section with 2.5 each, and pocketed $102.50 for their efforts. Power chess!

David High's solid 2.0 finish earned him the class prize in the Candidate's Section.

We are the Champions, my friend. Alan Patrick (left) and chess wizard Eugene Tiselsky tied for the Championship with 3.0 each. Congratulations!