The Asheboro Open XVI

 Twenty-nine Players Prove NC Chess Is Moving Forward!  

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The Asheboro Open XVI was honored to host twenty nine of NC's finest chess players.

Jerome De Bell (left) in his first appearance at The Asheboro Open. Adam Holmes was his opponent.

Retired Army Lt. Colonel Ambrose Jacobs (left) faced rising chess star Jonathan Lang in round one. LTC Jacobs held his hungry opponent to a draw.

Jeff McAdams (left) in his first round match with the USCF's newest member Ben Carter.

We want to welcome Ben to rated chess, and to The Asheboro Open!

One of NC's most active players, Larry Williams (left) faced rising star David High in round one.

Experience and Energy collide! David Noden (left) scratched out a first round victory against his super solid opponent, Eugene Tiselsky.

TAO newcomer Charlie Hall (left) earned respect and rating points with his surprising upset victory in round one. Dr. Joseph Graves was his opponent.

Scholastic savant!? Joshua Jodrey (left) showed his virtuosity in round one play with Stephen Styers.

Kevin Huang (left) battles Samuel Xin during round one. The two played this extra rated game after arriving several minutes late.

Eric Noden (left) faced suprisingly strong Charles Timmons in round one action.

Dr. Walter High (left) faced USCF newbie Anatoly Ray in round two.

A scholastic battle brews...Young veteran Eric Noden (left) squares off against Yash Mehta in round two.

David Noden (right) concentrates over the position in his round two match with Charlie Hall.

Ralph Ray (left) and Charles Timmons get down to business in round two. Assistant TD Mark Stout is in the background.

Carter vs. Clay!! Ben Carter (left) has his hands full in his round two matchup with Greensboro's Michael Clay.

Eric Noden (left) looks for inspiration in his round two game with Yash Mehta.

Jerome De Bell (left) faced former TAO champion Jacob Parrish in round two.

Jeff McAdams (left) faced a determined Andrew Dejong in round two. The game ended in a surprising draw.

Chess is hard work!! Rising chess star Joshua Jodrey takes a load off between rounds.

Assistant TD Mark Stout analyzes his game between rounds.

Adam Holmes (left) seeks to unravel black's position in round two. Tanner Hogue was his tough opponent.

Ben Carter (left) in his round two matchup with a determined Yash Mehta.

Talented young Andrew Dejong (left) was edged out in round three by veteran Mark Stout of Asheboro.

Charlotte's Kevin Huang (left) succumbed to the rapid fire tactics of former TAO champ Jacob Parrish in round three.

Former TAO champion Joshua Jodrey (left) was outlasted by Adam Holmes in round three.

Retired Army LTC Ambrose Jacobs (left) was undefeated and held talented Tanner Hogue to a third round draw.

Two prize contenders in action. Charlie Hall (left) fought dark horse Jonathan Lang for a share of the spoils in round three.

Ben Carter (left) faced Raleigh's Yash Mehta in round three.

Beatrice Dlesk (right) in her third round game with Charles Timmons.

High hopes...Zachary High (left) finds the formula in his third round game with Eric Noden.

Greensboro's Michael Clay (right) deep in concentration. Dr. Walter High was his third round opponent.

David High (left) faced Charlotte phenomenon Samuel Xin in round three.

On a roll lately, Adam Holmes continued his winning ways and emerged as clear Champion of The Asheboro Open XVI. Congratulations, Adam!!

He played up...and we payed up!! Jonathan Lang surprised us all by earning clear 2nd in the Championship Section. What a performance!!! Encore!

Zachary High shared first place in a three way split, netting him $87.00 and 72 rating points.

Asheboro's own Mark Stout proves nice guys do get paid and walked away with his share of 1st place.

Greensboro's Michael Clay rose to the occasion and took his share of the Candidate's class prize.

Raleigh's Yash Mehta is all smiles as he collects his share of the class prize.

TAO newcomer Charles Timmons leaves his first tournament in style, with his share the class prize.

Ralph Ray had a good day and earned his share of the class prize.