The Asheboro Open XVII

 Twenty Two Compete with Two Masters Headlining!     

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Thanks to NM Craig Jones, who organized two carloads of players and helped make TAO 17 a great success!

Charles Yu (right) appears to be holding his own against NM Craig Jones. They agreed to sit for a photo after their actual game concluded quickly.

FM Ron Simpson (left) had a very tough battle with Duke's Brad Marts. FM Simpson rattled off a last minute tactical salvo to earn the win.

Tough Joshua Taylor (left) faced Fayetteville TD Gary Morris in round one action.

Theodore Arapoglou (left) faced Packer fan Ben Jones in round one. Robert Jackson (left rear) played Max Terpolilli.

Charlie Hall studies the position intently in round one.

Scholastic contender Connor Labean (left) in his first round match-up with Charles Timmons.

Charlie Hall (left) faced rising star Eugene Tiselsky in round one. Tiselsky is a former TAO Champion, and one of the toughest younger contenders.

Theodore Arapoglou (rear) managed a minor upset in round one against opponent Ben Jones.

Tanner Hogue (left) faced Greensboro's Jacob Parrish in round one. Parrish, a three time TAO Champion, is one of NC's rising chess stars.

Robert Jackson (left) in his second round matchup with strong scholastic player Andrew Dejong.

Don't say cheese, say CHESS!! Joshua Taylor (right) proves that chess can make you happy. Brad Marts was his second round opponent.

Charlie Hall (left) faced tough Tanner Hogue in round two action.

Charles Timmons (left) in his second appearance at The Asheboro Open. Ben Jones was his second round opponent.

David vs. Goliath? David Jackson (left) in his second round matchup with Stephen Pizzo.

Carolyn Folz (left) showed her tournament mettle in round two action vs. Ryan Terpolilli. We want to welcome Ryan to his first USCF rated event!

Like father, like son! Ben Jones (right), son of NM Craig Jones, makes his own place in NC Chess. Charles Timmons was his round two opponent.

Scholastic veteran Rodney Folz (left) in his round two match with Max Terpolilli. We want to welcome Max to his first USCF rated event!

Robert Jackson (left) in second round action with Andrew Dejong as Jennifer looks on.

Former TAO Champions collide in round two!FM Ron Simpson faced a serious test in round two, but outgunned younger opponent Eugene Tiselsky.

NC State's goodwill ambassador Charles Yu (left) faced fellow TD Gary Morris in round two action.

Ted Arapoglou (left) and Connor Labean in round two play. Charlie Hall (left rear) and Tanner Hogue are in the background.

Carolyn Folz (left) earned the point in her round two matchup with Ryan Terpolilli.

Power Chess!! Former TAO Champions Jacob Parrish (left) and NM Craig Jones battle it out for a spot on board one.

After a tough day, tough Tanner Hogue agreed to play a few friendly games with TD Tom Hales.

Swindler's List: TD Tom Hales narrowly escaped with a perpetual check vs. Tanner Hogue. Tanner won their second game handily.

Tournament newbie Ryan Terpolilli (right) racked up his first victory in round three action with Charles Timmons.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Great Chess! FM Ron Simpson and NM Craig Jones in round three.

Greensboro's Jacob Parrish (left) fought third round opponent Brad Marts to a draw.

Two scholastic veterans square off in round three: Ben Jones (left) and Rodney Folz had a hard fought match.

Robert Jackson (left) in his third round matchup with Ted Arapoglou.

Charles Timmons (left) digs deep in his round three game with Ryan Terpolilli. Father Max Terpolilli is in the background (left rear).

Max Terpolilli (left) deep in concentration in round three. David Jackson was his opponent.

Fayetteville TD Gary Morris (right) faced yet another tough match in round three. Charlie Hall was his opponent.

Clash of the Titans!! FM Ron Simpson (left) faced NM Craig Jones in round three to decide the Championship.

NC State's Charles Yu (left) is "Hungry Like The Wolf" in round three. Joshua Taylor was his opponent.

Andrew Dejong (left) and Connor Labean went into round three with 2 points each. Their game concluded in a hard fought draw.

The Unstoppable Force prevails! FM Ron Simpson earned the Championship and $140.00 with his round three victory over NM Craig Jones. Go Navy!!

The Candidate's Section Champions: Connor Labean, Rodney Folz, Andrew Dejong, and Stephen Pizzo earned $51.25 each.

Keeping it in the family: Robert Jackson (left) and brother David Jackson split the class prize with two victories each.