The Asheboro Open XVIII

 Seventeen Players Brave The Cold November Rain.     

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"Welcome to Asheboro!" Tournament Director Tom Hales registering players on Saturday morning.

The Asheboro Open XVIII saw a 42% increase in attendance from November 2005 with 17 players total. Thanks for your support!

John Davis volunteers his time each month to help with setup and other duties that make this tournament a success. THANKS, JOHN!!!

Joseph Bailey (left) in his first USCF rated tournament faced veteran Ian Haigler in round one.

Charles Timmons (left) had a difficult pairing against scholastic powerhouse Kirk Vaughn in round one.

Two Greensboro players collide! Jacob Parrish (left) in his round one matchup with Stephen Styers.

Talented Tanner Hogue (right) had his hands full in his round one game with Russian born Henry Mattison.

Hat's Incredible! Jammin' JJ Lang (left) fought round one opponent Matt Helfst to a well-deserved draw.

Russian immigrant Henry Mattison (left) was in top form at The Asheboro Open XVIII. His first round opponent was Tanner Hogue.

Amazingly strong for his first tournament, Pleasant Garden's Austin Hylton (right) nonetheless succumbed to young wonder Connor Labean in round one.

The Tiger Roars. Tony Hicks (left) in his first round matchup with chess dad Walter High.

Former TAO Champion Jacob Parrish (left) outlasted first round opponent Stephen Styers.

Former TAO Champ Eugene Tiselsky (right) dug deep and pulled off a brilliant upset against Russian born Alexei Gorbounov in round one.

Charles Timmons (left) looking for a miracle in his round one game with Kirk Vaughn.

Chess Dad Urvil Mehta gets some work done between rounds.

Charles Timmons (left) and Austin Hylton had an exciting second round game, with the more experienced Timmons prevailing.

Fire & Ice. Kirk Vaughn (left) continues to make his mark in NC Chess. Tony Hicks was his seasoned second round opponent.

Former TAO Champ Jacob Parrish (right) in his second round game with strong Russian Expert Henry Mattison.

Alexei Gorbounov (left) out maneuvered second round opponent JJ Lang.

Joseph Bailey (left) and Yash Mehta fought each other to a draw in round two.

A hairy position...Connor Labean (left) continued his winning ways in his second round match with Ian Haigler.

We want to welcome scholastic head hunter Kirk Vaughn to his first Asheboro Open.

Computer programmer Henry Mattison (left) unleashed a dazzling middle game checkmate against second round opponent Jacob Parrish.

Got Chess? Yes, he does! Former TAO Champion Eugene Tiselsky (left) gets stronger every tournament.

Matt Helfst was his second round opponent.

Ian Haigler (right) deep in thought. Connor Labean was his second round opponent.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers held tough Tanner Hogue to a second round draw.

Two tigers show their claws...Tony Hicks (left) outlasted young Yash Mehta in round three.

Joseph Bailey (left) scored his first tournament win in his round two match with Austin Hylton.

Scholastic showdown!! Connor Labean (left) and Kirk Vaughn square off in round three.

Matt Helfst (left) and Stephen Styers fought each other to a draw in round three.

Father and son moment...Brant Hylton (left) plays son Austin a friendly game.

Ian Haigler (left) in his third round matchup with Dr. Walter High.

Fighting for a share of Prize Pie: Jacob Parrish (left) and Alexei Gorbounov chess it up in round three.

The Undefeated Meet...Russian Expert Henry Mattision (left) and Eugene Tiselsky play for all the marbles in round three.

Two of the coolest chess players I know...JJ Lang (left) and Tanner Hogue in third round action.

Charles Timmons brushes up on some technique. TD Tom Hales played him a friendly game during round three. Timmons had a bye.

Hail to the King! Henry Mattison was undefeated at

3-0, earning him a cool $130.00, and a place on our Marquee of Champions (a $10,000 value). WOW!

Two former TAO Champions share second!

Jacob Parrish (left) & Eugene Tiselsky are working on their future Asheboro Hall of Fame inductions.

Kirk Vaughn was undefeated at 3-0 to capture clear 1st in the Candidates Section. His flawless performance earned him $130.00 and 22 points. Awesome!

Nice Guys DO Get Paid! Left to Right: Tony Hicks, Charles Timmons, & Connor Labean split second place with Ian Haigler (unpictured).

Special thanks to Ian Haigler for the generous donation of his winnings to Asheboro Chess Club!