The Asheboro Open XIX

 Twenty four Players Make This A December To Remember!     

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Asheboro Chess Club TD Mark Stout stopped by to assist with setup and registration. Such volunteers help make our tournament a success each month!

Gold Standard Chess: Former TAO Champion Adam Holmes (left) squares off with Matt Helfst on the top board in round one.

A gentleman's duel: Fayetteville friends Larry Williams and Paul King in round one action.

Former TAO Champion Jacob Parrish (left) battles High Point's Dave Moose in round one.

Tennessee's Matthew Marsh (left) "goes Knoxville" on Greensboro's Stephen Styers in round one.

Scholastic rivals: Charlotte's Kevin Huang (right) faced a hooded Tanner Hogue in round one.

High Point's Theo Crawford (right) in his first USCF rated tournament faced seasoned veteran Jeff McAdams in round one.

All the way from Costa Rica! Gilberto Araya (left) in his first rated tournament. His opponent was solid scholastic player Andrew Dejong.

Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill (left) and Tennessee's Cory Marsh square off in round one.

Winston Salem's Larry Cooper (left) played an extra rated game with JJ Lang after the two received first round byes.

Raleigh's Yash Mehta (right) had a tough first round pairing against Anish Shah.

TD Tom Hales (left) with chess dad Urvil Mehta.

The Asheboro Open XIX was a good success with 24 players.

Adam Holmes (left) and Tennessee Tiger Matthew Marsh had an exciting round two match that ended in a time scramble for Adam. Chess fireworks!!

Tennessee's Cory Marsh (left) faced Asheboro's own Jordan Wood in round two. Their tense battle ended in a draw.

Winston Salem's Michael Timmons (left) in his round two battle with Theo Crawford.

Two tough competitors square off: Jeff McAdams (left) fought second round opponent Anish Shah to a draw.

Scholastic sensation Kevin Huang (left) faced former TAO Champion Paul King in round two.

Rising chess stars JJ Lang (left) and Jacob Parrish lock horns in round two.

The Tanner Twist: High Point's Dave Moose (right) in round two manuevers with Tanner Hogue.

Winston Salem's Matt Helfst (left) and Stephen Styers duke it out 'neath a Fischer photo.

Ian Haigler (right) in concentrates intently in his second round game with Larry Cooper.

Fayetteville's Larry Williams (left) brought out his best to defeat former TAO Champion Eugene Tiselsky in round two.

Tiger-Style: Andrew Dejong (left) and Yash Mehta meet in round two.

Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill (right) showed his mettle in round two action with Gilberto Araya.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers (left) and High Point's Dave Moose meet in the final round.

Jamm'n JJ Lang (left) faces the music in his third round battle with hard-hitting Adam Holmes.

Andrew Dejong (left) had a difficult round three pairing with Anish Shah.

Raleigh's Yash Mehta (right) stood firm in his third round battle with Theo Crawford.

Fayetteville's Larry Williams (left) dug deep to pull out a final round victory against former TAO Champ Jacob Parrish.

The last train to Knoxville! Charlotte's Kevin Huang (left) faced unstoppable Matthew Marsh of Tennessee in round three.

Fayetteville's Paul King (right) surveys the chesscape in round three. Eugene Tiselsky was his opponent.

Tenacious Tanner Hogue (left) battled Matt Helfst to a third round draw.

For all the marbles: Ian Haigler (left) in his round three OCB endgame with Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill.

New York native Theo Crawford (now of High Point) faced Yash Mehta in round three.

Michael Timmons (left) faced scholastic wonder Jordan Wood in round three. Their match ended in a draw.

Tennessee Triumphs! Undisputed Champion Matthew Marsh was unstoppable at 3-0 to win $150.00. Bravo!!

See our "Tournament Games" Section for all three of his exciting victories!

Fayetteville's Larry Williams was undefeated and earned clear 2nd and $70.00 for his outstanding effort. Way to go, Larry!!

Study pays off! Asheboro's Jonathan McNeill has "hit the books" lately, and won clear 1st and $150.00 in the Candidates Section at 3-0. WHOOSH!!!

Anish V. Shah was undefeated, and tied with Jeff McAdams for second place in the Candidates Section. Outstanding!