The Asheboro Open XX

 New Year's Fireworks as Twenty Eight Compete for $590.00 in Prizes!     

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Super strong Dr. Joseph Graves (right) mounted a Herculean effort to draw NC State's Satyajit Malugu in their round one match.

This tactical melee is immortalized in our games section...don't miss it!

Naval Intelligence: Fide Master Ron Simpson dropped anchor in Asheboro and sailed to victory in his round one battle with Charlotte's Kevin Huang.

Charlotte's Samuel Xin (left) and Adam Holmes enter the ring for their round one bout.

Russian Expert Henry Mattison (left) displayed his tactical prowess in round one action with Joshua Taylor.

Chess Wizard Eugene Tiselsky (left) ekked out a win in round two action with Gary Newsom. FM Simpson observes Samuel Xin's game in the background.

Going to the mat: Winston Salem's Matt Helfst (left) wrestles with scholastic superpower Joshua Jodrey in round one.

Former TAO Champion Jacob Parrish (left) tangles with scholastic contender David High in round one action.

Jonathan McNeill (front left) faced TAO newbie Bryan Metoya in round one. Chris Willis (left rear), also new, squared off with Dr. Walter High.

We want to welcome both Bryan and Chris to Asheboro!

Curtis Morrison (left) in his first Asheboro Open squares off against Michael Timmons in round one.

We want to welcome Curtis to Asheboro!

Michael Clay (left) samples the King's Indian Attack of Assistant TD Mark Stout in round one. To the rear, Zachary High (left) faces Jeff McAdams.

High Noon! Zachary High (left) and Jeff McAdams meet at the OK Corral.

Chess Wife Theresa Williams, a strong player in her own right, often accompanies husband Larry Williams to tournaments.

Satyajit Malugu has established himself as one of NC's strongest players. Here he relaxes between rounds, enjoying the Wi-Fi access at our location.

NC's unstoppable chess force FM Ron Simpson shows the power of concentration in his round two matchup with Tracy Callis.

I double dare you! Joshua Jodrey (left) and Adam Holmes play positional chicken, finally agreeing to a draw in round two.

Hungry like the wolf: Greensboro's big bad wolf Jacob Parrish hunts down Henry Mattison in round two.

Chess Wiz Eugene Tiselsky (right) created chess magic and managed to upset NC State's Satyajit Malugu in round two.

Folks, the exciting finish of this game alone was worth the price of admission! What a game!

Mental Jousting...Charlotte's Samuel Xin (left) and Matt Helfst in round two action.

Mental gymnastics: Dr. Joseph Graves (left) and Gary Newsom meet in round two.

Virginia's Tracy Callis (left) in his round two battle with tough Joshua Taylor.

Hoodzpah! David High (right) played up, and faced tough Joshua Taylor in round two.

Asheboro's Pride & Joy: Jonathan McNeill (left) faces Mark Stout in round two. To the rear, Jeff McAdams (left) and Chris Willis square off.

Curtis Morrison (left rear) and Winston Salem's Larry Cooper lock horns in round two.

Greensboro's Michael Clay (left) engages Bryan Metoya in round two.

TAO regulars Zachary High (left) and Michael Timmons mix it up in round two.

FM Ron Simpson (left) continued his winning ways in round three. Greensboro's Jacob Parrish put up the good fight.

Scholastic Supercollider! Joshua Jodrey (left) and Eugene Tiselsky meet head on as the quarks fly.

Chess Acrobats in Action! Dr. Joseph Graves and Adam Holmes walk the high wire in round three.

Henry Mattison (left) and Kevin Huang are all business in their round three game.

Winston Salem's Matt Helfst looks for the right combination in his round three bout with Satyajit Malugu.

Scholastic power players bump heads in round three! David High (left) and Samuel Xin are two bright stars in NC's scholastic firmament.

Zachary High (left) and Greenboro's Michael Clay in their round three matchup. In the background, Curtis Morrison (left) meets Chris Willis.

For all the marbles: Winston Salem's Larry Cooper (left) faces rising star Jonathan McNeill in round three.

Dr. Walter High (left) and Bryan Metoyer concentrate in round three.

Curtis Morrison (left) studies the board in round three. Chris Willis is his opponent.

Smooth Sailing for FM Ron Simpson, who dominated the Championship Section at 3-0, earning $165.00 for his efforts. Congratulations, Ron!

NC Chess is fortunate to have such a talented player who "lays it on the line" month after month. Thanks!

Future NC Chess Icons Joshua Jodrey and Adam Holmes shared second place at 2.5 each. Applause!

A lot of Class. Joshua Taylor and Eugene Tiselsky turned in solid performances at 2.0 each, splitting the class prize.

Kudos also to Eugene for breaking the 1800 barrier with this tournament...Next stop, Expert!!!

Check out my Winning Streak! Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill has been on a mission lately, and won the Candidate's Section at a perfect 3-0.

Congratulations, Jonathan! You do Asheboro proud!

Outclassing the competition...Zachary High and Larry Cooper shared the class prize at 2.0 each.