The Asheboro Open XXI

 Chess Fever reaches epidemic proportions in North Carolina

as THIRTY compete for $650.00 in cash prizes!     

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View from the TD's corner: The Asheboro Open XXI was a great success with 30 players participating, an increase of 150% from 2006!

Former TAO Champions Collide on Board One! Joshua Jodrey (L) couldn't match the firepower of Fide Master Ron Simpson, despite his lucky shirt.

Respect the Cobra: Carolina Cobra John Timmel (L) initiates a venomous attack against first round opponent Eugene Tiselsky.

Charlotte Expert Patrick McCartney (L) enters the ring with the always dangerous Joshua Taylor in round one.

The Redcoats are coming!! Carter Benge (L) faces Expert Adam Holmes for round one in his Asheboro Open debut.

We want to welcome Carter to Asheboro!

Scholastic sensation David High (L) was outgunned by David Noden in round one. To the rear, Carter Benge (L) and Adam Holmes lock horns.

Asheboro Style: Jonathan McNeill (L) and Assistant TD Mark Stout toss pawns in round one action.

Anish Shah (L) squares off against Elliot Cartee in round one.

Jeff McAdams (L) faced the smoking hot play of Zachary High in round one. Congratulations to Zachary on breaking the 1400 barrier!

Charlotte's Amanda McCartney (L) in first round action with Kevin Green.

We want to welcome Amanda to her first Asheboro Open!

Dr. Walter High (L) had winning chances in his round one bout with Andrew Dejong. To the rear, Eric Noden (L) and Kevin Xue Huang slug it out.

Randy Dejong (L) agreed to serve as a house player in his first USCF rated tournament. He fought opponent Larry Cooper to a king and rook pawn draw.

We want to welcome Randy to rated chess!

NC's unstoppable chess force FM Ron Simpson (L) faced a serious challenger in Virginia's Tracy Callis.

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Former TAO Champions John Timmel (L) and Adam Holmes face off in round two.

Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (L) displays his opening mettle in round two action with David Noden.

The J-Men Tee Off: Jammin' JJ Lange (L) and Joshua "Juice" Jodrey chess it up in round two. Patrick McCartney (L) & David Noden are to the rear.

Rising scholastic star David High (left) in his round two matchup with tough veteran Joshua Taylor.

Asheboro's Jonathan McNeill (L) and Eric Noden in round two action. To the rear, Connor Labean and Elliot Cartee square off.

Surf's Up!!! Andrew Dejong (L) and Ben Blach hang ten in round two. To the rear, Kevin Greene (L) and Zachary High mix it up.

Asheboro's own Mark Stout (R) uses the "hand of concentration" in his second round match with Amanda McCartney.

Kevin Greene (L) and Zachary High go the distance in round two.

I sunk your battleship! Anish Shah (L) and Michael Timmons in round two maneuvers. Kevin X Huang (L) and Giberto Araya are to the rear.

Winston Salem's Larry Cooper (left) and Jeff McAdams concentrate in round two.

Battle of the Chess Dads!! House player Randy Dejong and Dr. Walter High collide in round two.

East meets West for the final showdown! Fide Master Ronald Simpson (R) proved his resiliency against strong play from Charlotte's Patrick McCartney.

Relive this classic struggle in our tournament games section. Pulse pounding chess!

Sacadelic!! Virginia's Tracy Callis "went Morphy" on Adam Holmes in round three, resulting in a winning attack.

You simply must check this game out, folks!

Piece Out...Joshua Jodrey (left) faces super solid David Noden in round three.

Two talents tangle: Joshua Taylor (L) and JJ Lang fight to the draw in round three.

Scholastic showdown! David High (L) and Carter Benge compete in round three.

Their game concluded blitz style, as Carter calmly clipped off dozens of moves with just a second left on the delay clock, and as a crowd observed.

Ben Blach (L) and Zachary High focus intently on their game in round three. To the rear, Jonathan McNeill (L) and Connor Labean square off.

Winston Salem's Larry Cooper (L) has his hands full against talented young Eric Noden in round three.

Elliot Cartee (L) enters the ring with Kevin Greene for round three.

Congratulations to Elliot on an exceptional tournament, earning him 88 USCF rating points!

Assistant TD Mark Stout (left) and Chess Dad Walter High lock horns in round three. To the rear, Andrew Dejong (L) and Jeff McAdams compete.

Charlotte's Amanda McCartney and Michael Timmons look for the right combination in round three.

Chess Art: Fide Master Ron Simpson has become a NC Chess Icon. His flawless 3-0 performance earned him clear 1st Place and $180.00.

Chess Art: 2nd Place in the Championship Section was split three ways: (L-R) Tracy Callis, Patrick McCartney, and Adam Holmes shared the spoils.

Chess Art: Joshua Taylor won the Class prize in the Championship Section with a solid 1.5 showing.

Chess Art: Connor Labean (left) and Ben Blach burst several player's bubbles to share 1st place in the Candidate's Section, earning $137.50 each.

Chess Art: Three fine players who earned their share of the class prize at 2-0 each: (L-R) Larry Cooper, Zachary High, and Elliot Cartee.

Chess Art: Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill also shared in the class prize with a score of 2.0.