The Asheboro Open XXII

Twenty-Two Mental Jousters Compete for $454.00 in cash prizes!

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Randy Lovelace (L) makes his Asheboro Open debut against talented Joshua Taylor in round one action.

Despite severe time pressure, Tayor slipped away with a beautiful rook and pawn draw.

Looking for the upset: Joe Helton (L) searches for a winning combination against Gary Newsom in round one.

Scholastic staring contest: Chess wizard Eugene Tiselsky (L) and Tanner "Rex" Hogue don their game faces in round one.

Not their first rodeo: Previous Champions Ben Blach (L) and Jonathan McNeill lock horns in round one.

Asheboro's own Rick Upchurch (L) has his hands full in round one action with Zachary High.

Gilberto Araya (L) dug deep to draw Jeff McAdams in round one.

Jim Eller (L) and Ambrous Jacobs play an extra rated game after receiving byes in round one.

To the rear, Dr. Walter High (L) and Ian Haigler mix it up.

Tony "The Tiger" Hicks (L) battles scholastic hopeful Austin Hylton in round one.

David High (L) gives his first round opponent Bryan Metoyer an Excedrin headache.

After receiving a first round bye, Eli Helton (R) played some friendly games with chess dad Brant Hylton.

Assistant TD Rick Upchurch (L) and Zachary High chess it up in round one.

High on Chess! Walter High (L) used determination and talent to draw 1st round opponent Ian Haigler, who outranked him by more than 600 points.

Gary Newsom (L) racked up another victory in his round two matchup with Jim Eller.

Expert Randy Lovelace (L) matches wits with tough Tanner Hogue in round two.

Retired Lt. Colonel Ambrous Jacobs (L) and scholastic Expert Adam Holmes chess it up in round two.

Be sure to catch the exciting finish of this game on VIDEO.

The face of determination: Young Eli Helton (R) played with a lot of heart against second round opponent Rick Upchurch.

Austin Hylton (L) and Joe Helton play a friendly game after receiving byes in round two.

Oh brother! Bryan Metoyer (R) may be experiencing a sense of deja vu as he faces Zachary High in round two.

Neighborhood watch: Close neighbors Walter High (L) and Ben Blach square off in round two.

Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill (L) is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Here he is seen playing second round opponent Jeff McAdams.

Former TAO Champion Eugene Tiselsky (R) in his round two matchup with the always dangerous Joshua Taylor.

Seasoned veteren Tony Hicks (L) faces off against scholastic power player David High in round two.

Gilberto Araya (L) focuses on the position in his round two game with Ian Haigler.

Wi Not? Chess dads Brant Hylton and Ralph Blach take advantage of on site Wi-Fi internet.

Board One Pressure Cooker! Gary Newsom (L) and Randy Lovelace in their tense round three battle.

Board Two Tears? Nah! Friends Adam Holmes (L) and Tanner Hogue enjoy their round three game.

Retired Lt. Colonel Ambrous Jacobs in his round three matchup with smiling Joshua Taylor.

The Last Waltz: Asheboro's own Rick Upchurch battles scholastic talent David High in round three.

Dr. Walter High (L) faces tough opposition in his round three matchup with Jeff McAdams.

Gilberto Araya and Zachary High enter the ring for their round three bout.

Ian Haigler (L) and Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill bump heads in round three. To the rear, Rick Upchurch (L) and David High face off.

TILT! Austin Hylton (L) had a tough pairing against Ben Blach in round three.

Bryan Metoyer (R) flexes his chess muscles against Tony Hicks in round three.

Dr. Walter High looks for the right combination against third round opponent Jeff McAdams.

Three up, three down!! Charlotte's Gary Newsom dominated the Championship Section at 3-0, pocketing $137.00 for his efforts.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Congratulatons, Gary!

Blew Bye You: Talented Adam Holmes secured clear second despite his first round bye. Awesome!

Joshua Taylor is always a force to be reckoned with, and earned the class prize with 1.5 in the tough Championship Section.

Special thanks to Joshua for his kind donation to Asheboro Chess Club.

High Time! Scholastic power player David High cut through the competion at 3-0 to earn 1st place and $137.00 in the Candidate's Section. Bravo!!

Chess Philanthropist Triumphs! Ian Haigler won clear 2nd in the Candidate's Section with 2.5, then donated his $60.00 to Asheboro Chess Club. Wow!

Thanks, Ian! Your unexpected generousity has been a tremendous boost for our club.

Bryan Metoyer flashes his money and a smile after securing the class prize at 2-0. Good job!