The Asheboro Open XXIII

 Sixteen Chess Spelunkers Search for Caverns of Cash:  $320.00 Discovered!

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USCF Strongman David Noden flexes his chess muscles in round one action with Matt Helfst.

Shooting Chess Star!? Joshua "Juiceman" Jodrey outlasted his first round opponent, the always tough Joshua Taylor.

Greensboro's Dr. Joseph Graves fought underrated Russian Lev Zilberter to an exciting draw.

We want to welcome Lev to his first Asheboro Open. Players of your caliber are always welcome!

Scholastic Savant Eugene Tiselsky had a tough day and succumbed to newcomer Stephen Maynard in round one.

We want to welcome Stephen to Asheboro! You are a solid performer!

Asheboro Attacker Jonathan McNeill in round one maneuvers with Jeff McAdams.

Mercedes Bens: Scholastic sensation Ben Blach attempts to dismantle young Ben Zhang's position in round one.

We want to welcome Ben to his first Asheboro Open!

Chess Rock Star Brian Metoya (L) riffs on first round opponent Eric Noden.

"My money is on Joshua!" Two Asheboro favorites mix it up in round one: Joshua Taylor (L) and Joshua Jodrey.

Experience and Energy Collide! Veteran David Noden (L) was outmaneuvered by scholastic power player Joshua Jodrey in round two.

Tenured Chess Professors Dr. Joseph Graves (L) and Stephen Maynard attempt to school one another in round two action.

Welcome back, LARRY! Asheboro's Favorite Fayettevillian returns: Larry Williams (L) faces Latvian born Lev Zilberter in round two play.

Fight or Flight! Ben Blach (L) faces rising star Bryan Metoyer in round two.

Vladimir Zilberter (R) faced an uphill battle with former TAO Champion Jonathan McNeill in round two.

We want to welcome Vladamir to his first Asheboro Open!

Jeff McAdams squares off with young Eric Noden in round two action.

GUTS in Action: Higher rated Joshua Taylor graciously agreed to play Ben Zhang a rated game after receiving a 2nd round bye.

Young Ben Zhang managed to draw the heavily favored Taylor, who took the rating point hit in stride and let his opponent savor his success. Class Act!

Winston Salem's Matt Helfst (L) had a tough pairing in round two, but outlasted opponent Eugene Tiselsky for the win.

Ben Blach (L) has quickly become a force in scholastic chess. Here he edges out second round opponent Bryan Metoyer.

Winner Take All: Dr. Joseph Graves (L) and Joshua Jodrey lock horns in round three.

Two tough competitors deep in concentration. Lev Zilberter (L) and Stephen Maynard fought each other to a third round draw.

Chess power lifters Larry Williams (L) and Joshua Taylor in round three action.

Scholastic showdown! Ben Zhang (L) and Vladamir Zilberter toss pawns in round three.

Asheboro favorite Jeff McAdams (L) faces resident rock star Bryan Metoyer in round three action.

Bryan's solid performance earned him 81 rating points! Rock on!

Scholastic scuffle begins with handshake! Ben Blach (L) and Jonathan McNeill lock horns in round three.

Ben Zhang (L) has a promising future in NC Chess. Here is seen playing opponent Vladamir Zilberter in round three.

Vladamir Zilberter (R) searches for a good defense against tough Ben Zhang in round three.

Scholastic Battering Ram Joshua Jodrey's smoking 3-0 performance earned him first place and a cool $100.00!

And the walls came tumbing down! Congratulations, sir!

Detente!? Lev Zilberter (L) and Joshua Taylor shared second place honors. Nice work!

Three-peat! Asheboro's own Attack Artisan Jonathan McNeill once again showed his dominance in the Candidates Section at 3-0, winning first place.

Fortunately for us, Jonathan agreed to our "Fries Prize" program, saving us the $100.00! (Hah!)

All apologies for my sorry photography, guys. Ben Blach and Bryan Metoyer shared 2nd place in the Candidates Section.

More fuzzy photos!? Rising scholastic star Ben Zhang edged out the competition to win the class prize in the Candidate's Section.