The Asheboro Open XXIV

 Twenty One of North Carolina's Chess Vanguard Vie for $430.00 in cash prizes!

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Adam Smasher!? Charlotte's Ken Ivens (R) brought his A game to upset first round opponent Adam Holmes.

Country Roads, Take Me Home! W. Virginia's Michael Turner (L) arrived in Asheboro with a monster case of driving fatigue, losing to Jacob Parrish.

We want to welcome Michael to Asheboro. Come back to visit and stay for a while!

Heart and Solarez: Talented Joshua Taylor (L) and Asheboro alumnus Daniel Solarez fought to a first round draw.

Soviet Sensation Lev Zilberter (L) continues to impress NC players with his solid play. Samuel Xin of Charlotte was his first win of the day.

T-Rex Chess! Tanner "Rex" Hogue (L) went Jurassic on first round opponent Noah Blach, but settled for a hard fought draw.

H Bombs! David High (L) earned a spot in the Championship Section this month, but succumbed to first round opponent Jonathan Hudson.

Asheboro's Own Jonathan McNeill (L) outlasted Vladimir Zilberter in round one. This one was a squeaker due to Vladimir's excellent overall play.

I'll play Blach! Zachary High (L) had a good tournament, upsetting tough Ben Blach in round one.

Dr. of Determination: Assistant TD Walter High (L) plays with uncommon persistance and concentration. Ian Haigler was his first round opponent.

Queen City King Ken Ivens (R) toppled former TAO Champion Jacob Parrish in round two action.

Moscow on the Hudson!? Russian Lev Zilberter (R) couldn't hold off red hot Jonathan Hudson in round two.

Fayetteville Southpaw delivers knockout punch! Larry Williams (R) showed he was in it to win it, defeating TAO V Champ Daniel Solarez in round two.

Been there, done that! Retired Lt. Col Ambrous Jacobs (R) succumbed to a quick mate in round two action with Tanner Hogue.

Playing with Style: Joshua Taylor (L) dons his trademark cap and glasses in round two action with Noah Blach.

Cooler Heads Prevail: Former TAO Champion Adam Holmes (L) held off fiery attacker Samuel Xin in round two for the win.

Friendly Rivalry: Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill (R) and Ian Haigler attempt to kill each other with kindness in round two.

Zilberter vs. Zachary! Vladimir Zilberter (L) faces the chess stylings of Zachary High in round two.

Chess Mind Meld: Neighbor's Ben Blach (L) and Dr. Walter High concentrate in round two action.

Charlotte's Pride & Joy: Ken Ivens (L) and Jonathan Hudson search for their inner Bobby Fischer in round three.

Patience Like Job! Larry Williams (R) proves that the cream does rise to the top! Tough Tanner Hogue did not deny Larry his share of 1st Place.

99.44% Percent Pure Chess: Retired Lt. Col Ambrous Jacobs (L) squares off against Daniel Solarez in round three.

Rolling Like a T-34! Russian Lev Zilberter (L) blasts past the fierce fortifications of former TAO Champ Jacob Parrish in round three.

Taylor Tenacity! Former TAO Champion Adam Holmes (L) couldn't crack the defenses of Joshua Taylor. The game concluded with a draw.

Win Will It End? Jonathan McNeill (L) is attempting to turn his winning streak into a dynasty. Zachary High proved a difficult conquest in round 3.

Drawing On All Their Skills: Ian Haigler (L) and Ben Blach fought each other to a draw in round three.

Concentration is Key: Dr. Walter High (L) fought off a determined Vladimir Zilberter for the win in round three.

Xin Dynasty: Mr. Wei Xin (L) poses with son Samuel Xin. NC Chess owes a debt of gratitude to the many "Chess Dads" who keep scholastic chess strong.

You Looking At Me? As Charlotte's Ken Ivens (L) pans for the chess paparazzi, opponent Jonathan Hudson remains focused.

Historic Chess Moment! L-R: Jonathan Hudson, Larry Williams, and Ken Ivens played their ways through former TAO Champions to tie for 1st place.

Each earned $62.00 for their fine effort, and a coveted spot on Asheboro's Marquee of Champions (a $10,000 value). Thanks, gentleman, for making this one to remember!

Even on a bad day, he's GOOD! Lev Zilberter hung tough after a disappointing loss to capture the class prize.

Chess Serial Killer! Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill continued his dominance of the Candidate's Section at 3-0, earning clear first. Awesome!

Giving credit where it is due, Jonathan displays his partner in crime--her majesty the Queen.

Keeping it in the Family! Zachary High (R) captured clear 2nd with 2-0 in the Candidates Section. Father Walter High earned the class prize. Nice!

Many thanks to Dr. Walter High for his continued support of NC Chess. Walter is active as a player, tournament director, and transportation manager. His efforts have helped make The Asheboro Open a success each month.