The Asheboro Open XXV

 National Masters Headline as Thirty-Six Compete for $825.00 in Prizes!     

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MasterCharge! Bobby Waddell (L) succumbed to a crushing attack from NM Craig Jones in round one. (See Video Analysis by Jones)

Dressed To Impress: Ret. Lt. Col. Ambrous Jacobs had a tough pairing with former TAO Champ Jacob Parrish in round one.

Endgame Artistry: Winston Salem's Matt Helfst (L) fought time pressure in this squeaker with from TAO Champ Josh Jodrey.

Player Panorama: Beatrice Dlesk (L) faces the chess stylings of Michael Clay in round one. To the rear, a panoramic view of other players in action.

Duking It Out! Duke physicist Brad Marts (L) uses rocket science on first round opponent Matthew Novak.

Looks Like a Long Lunch: Charlotte Cheop NM Chris Mabe (L) toppled Dr. Joseph Graves early in their game. Graves later said he found a saving move.

Charlotte's Web: Rhode Island Expert James Dickson (L), who recently moved to Charlotte, faces Samuel "X-Man" Xin in round one action.

The Latvian Gambit? Latvian born players Eugene Tiselsky (L) and Lev Zilberter square off in round one. (See Video Russian Analysis)

Mental Jousting: Ian Haigler (L) faced an uphill battle with Prof. Stephen Maynard in round one.

Watch Those Horwitz Bishops! Matthew Horwitz (L) outlasted scholastic sensation David High in round one.

Endgame Aficionado Zakir Ahmed (R) was outmaneuvered by first round opponent Gary Newsom.

Going The Distance: Mike Eberhardinger (L) and John Sailer fought each other to a first round draw.

Cool Under Pressure: NM Craig Jones (L) faced a serious challenge from Joshua Jodrey in round two, but won an endgame scramble. (See Video)

Four Face Off! Beatrice Dlesk (L) keeps score as opponent Ben Zhang looks on. To the rear, Dane Simon (L) locks horns with Dr. Walter High.

Hat's Off To young Aaron Balleisen (L) on a fine tournament. Here he faces 2nd Rd. opponent Michael Clay. Rear: Ian Haigler (L) and Craig Rogers.

You've Been Zached! Scholastic sensation Zachary High (L) fought seasoned veteran Mike Eberhardinger to a second round draw.

You've Been Zakired! Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (L) outlasted tough David High in round two. Rear: Cody Peeples (L) faces physicist Brad Marts.

For the love of Mike! Mike Eberhardiner (L) fought John Sailer to a 1st round draw. To the rear, Craig Rogers (L) & Cody Peeples toss pawns.

Future Master vs. National Master? Assistant TD Jacob Parrish (L) packs a chess wallup, but he couldn't match the might of NM Chris Mabe in round 2.

Fayetteville Friends...Larry Williams (L) battles Matt Helfst as friend Paul King (right rear) takes on Bobby Waddell in round two action.

Tony Award: Tony Hicks (L) has been a player and organizer for years. His 2nd Rd. opponent is John Sailer. Rear: Matthew Novak (L) & Stephen Styers.

Scholastic Staring Contest: Eugene "Chess Wizard" Tiselsky looks for the magic in his round two match with Samuel Xin.

3-2-1 Blastoff! Matthew Horwitz (L) couldn't quite reach escape velocity in his round two match with Gary Newsom. Rear: Zilberter (L) vs. Dixon.

Chess On Steroids! NM Craig Jones (R) flexes his chess muscles in the final Rd. against Gary Newsom. (note: Craig's chess is on steroids, not Craig!)

Friends Face Off: Zakir Ahmed (L) and Joshua Jodrey went the distance in round three but concluded the game with a draw.

Will Stephen Get Even? Greensboro's Stephen Styers (R) lost his third round match with Mike Eberhardinger. Rear: Zachary High as The Thinker.

Penalty Box: Phenom Samuel Xin (L) managed to upset Matt Horwitz despite a cell phone time penalty in round 3. Samuel was good natured about it.

Chess Dad Strikes! Dr. Walter High attempts to give third round opponent Michael Clay a pawn lashing. Rear: Beatrice Dlesk (L) and Dane Simon.

Is That Chesskovsky I Hear on That IPOD? James Dixon (R) faces the music in his round three clash with NM Chris Mabe.

Weathering The Storm: John Sailer (L) battons down the hatches during his match with attacker Craig Rogers in round three.

Friends & Foes: Paul King (L) and Ret. Lt. Col. Ambrous Jacobs have been friends and chess rivals for over twenty years.

Who's On First? National Masters Craig Jones (L) and Chris Mabe tied for 1st at 3-0, pocketing $118.00 each. Congratulations to our new Champions!

Physicist Brad Marts ran lightspeed laps around the competition to win clear 1st in the Candidate's Section.

Smooth Sailing: Scholastic Sensation John Sailer earned clear 2nd and nearly 100 rating points with his solid 2.5 showing. Wow!

Connor Labean always finds a way to finish in the money. His 2-0 performance earned him the class prize in the Candidates Section. NICE!

Scholastic Chess Wonder Ben Zhang edged out the competition with his solid 2.5 performance, winning clear 1st place in the Club Section. Awesome!

Young Aaron Balleisen racked up two wins to share 2nd place in the Club Section. Dad must be proud!

Dapper Michael Clay turned in a solid 2-0 performance to share 2nd place in the Club Section. Congratulations!

Young Dane Simon poses with father Glenn. Dane played with a lot of heart, and earned the class prize in the Club Section with 1.5. Excellent!