The Asheboro Open XXVI

 Thirty-Seven Compete for $825.00 in CA$H Prizes.     

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Randy Lovelace (L) searches for the right combination in his round one match with Ken Ivens.

Thomas Paradis (L) goes toe to toe with Mark Gragg in round one.

We want to welcome Mark to his first tournament in Asheboro.

One tough Texan! Major Jim Hollingsworth (R) of Texas went the distance with Joshua Taylor in round one.

The Major will soon be returning to Texas after being recalled to active duty at Fort Bragg, NC. We salute you for your service!

Half a point is better than none! Matthew Novak (L) and Anish Shah split the point in round one action.

Wolfpack warrior Charles Yu (L) faced man of mystery Bryan Metoyer in round one. To the rear, Matthew Greene (L) and Larry Williams square off.

The Write Technique: Kevin Chen (L) records his first round game with Michael Gmeiner.

We want to welcome these two tough competitors to their first BIG TOURNAMENT experience!

Tic Tac Toe, Three in a row! Left Front to rear--Michael Gmeiner, Michael Clay, Stephen Styers. Right F-R: Kevin Chen, Walter High, Jonathan McNeill.

Grace Under Pressure: Grace Campbell (L) faced top seeded Derek Zhang in round one Club Section play.

I won't back down! Andrew Dejong (L) hung tough to draw higher rated John Sailer in round one.

Back in Black! Stephen Schreck (L) returns to tournament play after a long hiatus. He faced underrated Zachary High in round one.

Sometimes, you need a birds-eye view. Matthew Novak (L) searches every nook and cranny of the position. Opponent Anish Shah stayed grounded.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That's all you can have for Dr. Josheph Graves (L) and his first round opponent Lt. Colonel Ambrous Jacobs.

The Cream Rises to the Top! Undefeated Randy Lovelace (L) and Dr. Joseph Graves lock horns in round two action.

Taylor Toughness! Michael Paradis (R) couldn't crack the defenses of Joshua Taylor in round two. Draw!!

Major Problems! Scholastic sensation David High (R) was outmaneuvered by Maj. Jim Hollingsworth in round two.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Play Chess! Mark Gragg (L) had a tough pairing against Zakir Ahmed in round two.

Rear: Larry Williams (L) and Jacob Parrish.

Charlotte Juggernaut Ken Ivens (R) faced Greensboro's Lt. Col. Ambrous Jacobs in round two.

Here comes the "E" Train! Mike Eberhardinger (R) rolled past second round opponent Matthew Novak.

Making His Points: David Murray (L) proved his prowess in round two action with Stephen Styers. Rear: John Sailer (L) and Zachary High.

The Eyes Have It! Grace Campbell (L) glances toward the camera during her round two match with Dr. Walter High. Rear: Michael Clay.

Double A Battery: Andrew Denjong (L) and Anish Shah power through their second round game.

Dressed To Kill: Michael Clay (L) battles tough Michael Gmeiner in round two action. Rear: Kevin Chen (R) tosses pawns with James Lineberger.

Rust Proof: Steven Schreck (L) bested Bryan Metoyer in rd 2 despite a 10 year hiatus from tournament play. Rear: Derek Zhang (L) & William Campbell.

Pack It In: Charles Yu (right) sent second round opponent Joel Carswell packing. Rear: Lt. Col. Ambrous Jacobs (L) and Ken Ivens have at it.

We want to welcome Joel to Asheboro. Despite this loss, his solid play earned him 43 rating points. Nice!

Going the Distance: Andrew Dejong (L) couldn't quite hold off tenacious Anish V. Shah.

Sibling Rivalry!? William Campbell (L) faced sister Grace in round three. Rear: James Lineberger (L) has a tough challenge vs. Michael Clay.

Note: We avoid pairing siblings when possible, but these two were playing for the cash--so it was unavoidable.

The Cats in the Hats: Steven Schreck (L) had an uphill battle in round three vs. Mike Eberhardinger.

Heads I Win, Tails we Draw: Joel Carswell (L) held power player Matthew Novak to a 3rd rd. draw. Rear: Stephen Styers (L) battles Zachary High.

All Smiles: Charles Yu (R) likes his position against third round opponent David Murray.

David had a great tournament overall, earning 87 rating points!

And In This Corner...Fayetteville's Larry Williams (L) had an all-out slugfest in his round three match with Zakir Ahmed.

Warning: Extremely High Voltage! Randy Lovelace (L) and Michael Paradis generate sparks during their round three light show.

Let's just say the game was interesting...

Scholastic Showdown! Derek Zhang (L) and Kevin Chen play for all the marbles in round three.

The Chess of Champions: Former TAO Champ Jacob Parrish (L) and Joshua Taylor meet on board one in the final round.

Winner, Winner, Winner! Congratulations to our July 2007 TAO Champions: (L-R) Zakir Ahmed, Thomas Paradis, and Jacob Parrish.

Slow Chess, Quick Chess, any 'ol kinda mess, it's still rock & roll to me: Joel fan Charles Yu went 3-0 to earn 1st place in the Candidate's Section.

$159 might just buy a Billy Joel ticket !

Smooth Sailing: Scholastic power player John Sailer cruised to a cool second place in the Candidate's Section.

Class Act: Zachary High (L) and David Murray shared the class prize in the Candidate's Section at 2.0 each.

SWEEP! Scholastic slugger Derek Zhang was perfect at 3-0 to win the Club Section. Cool!

Brother & Sister Solidarity! William Campbell (R) tied for 2nd place in the Club Section. Here he poses for a photo with his sister Grace.

Something tells me we will be hearing more from this dynamic duo!