The Asheboro Open XXVIII

 Twenty Weekend Warriors Compete for $400.00 in Cash Prizes.     

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You can Ron, but you can't hide! FM Ron Simpson (L) gives first round opponent Dr. Joe Graves something to think about.

NOT a charlatan: Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (L) outgunned former TAO Champion Daniel Solarez in round one action.

Now with more cheddar: Wait, that's Cheese Wiz! Talented teen Jacob Parrish and Mark Gragg chess it up in round one.

Bang a Gong! Tanner "T-Rex" Hogue goes Jurassic on endgame wizard Zakir Ahmed in round one action.

South Carolina Savvy: SC's Ralph Buske (L) had a tough first round pairing with Jonathan "Mr. Cash" McNeill in round one.

We want to thank Ralph for making the trek to Asheboro!

Even Stephen? Not quite. Greensboro's Michael Clay (L) faced super solid Stephen Styers in round one.

Mettle of Honor! Kevin Chen (L) had a terrific game to draw first round opponent Ben Blach.

Fight to the Finish: Charlotte's Spencer Singleton (L) and Andrew Dejong went the distance for a first round draw.

Guts & Glory: FM Ron Simpson (R) never shrinks from risking a few rating points. Jacob Parrish (L) played superbly to upset the Master in round two.

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Former TAO Champions Collide! Daniel Solarez (L) and Paul King square off in round two.

On your Mark, Get Set...Dr. Joe Graves and Mark Gragg go toe to toe in round two action.

The Tournamator: Fayetteville's Larry Williams (L) is one of NC's most active players. Here he is paired with second round opponent Zakir Ahmed.

Better record than Fischer? Jonathan McNeill (L) has an insane winning % for his first year of play. Stephen Styers was his second round opponent.

Scholastic Skirmish: Ben Blach (L) and Andrew Dejong draw swords in round two, but eventually made peace with a draw.

99.44% pure CHESS! SC's Ralph Buske and Kevin Chen attempt to clean each other's clock in round two.

Caution: Chess Tigers! Raleigh's Yash Mehta (L) stalks opponent Spencer Singleton in round two.

On The HOUSE! "Chess Dad" Randy Dejong (R) served as a house player. Here he is seen in his match with Greensboro's Michael Clay.

The Asheboro Open was a good success with twenty players in competition.

Going for the Gold on Board One: Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (L) and Jacob Parrish play for all the marbles in round three.

Will Lightning Strike Twice? FM Ron Simpson storms back in round three to win his match with Daniel Solarez.

We want to thank Ron for playing in spite of a back injury.

Going after the King: Tanner Hogue (R) had a terrific tournament, picking up 27 rating points. Fayetteville's Paul King was his third round opponent

Last round Slugfest! Dr. Joe Graves (L) and Larry Williams enter the ring for round three.

See You in the Endgame, Buddy! Greensboro's Zakir Ahmed (L) and Mark Gragg swap down in round three.

Asheboro's Pride & Joy: Jonathan McNeill (R) wants his cash, but faces a final hurdle against tough Spencer Singleton.

Is This Game on the Level? Ralph Buske (L) and Stephen Styers fall victim to bad photography in round three.

Don't Forget To Punch the Clock! Andrew Dejong (L) and Yash Mehta have a clockslapping good time in round three.

This Is Getting Serious...Michael Clay (L) and Ben Blach lock horns in round three action.

Batting 1000+! Kevin Chen (L) had a strong performance, bringing his rating to 1023! Here he is seen playing Randy Dejong an extra rated game.

Three Up, Three Down! Charlotte's Patrick McCartney emerged as our current Champion with his flawless 3-0 shutout. Congratulations!

All Shook Up! Greensboro's Jacob Parrish shook up the tournament with his upset of FM Ron Simpson, and earned a share of second place.

A Piece of the Pie: Second Place finishers FM Ron Simpson (L), Zakir Ahmed, and Tanner Hogue finished with 2.0 each.

Money Magnet Wins Again! Asheboro's own Jonathan McNeill won clear 1st in the Candidates Section with 2.5 points. Ka-Ching!

Second Place Finish: Charlotte's Spencer Singleton earned his share of second with 2.0 points.

More Winners: Andrew Dejong (L) and Ben Blach also tied for second in the Candidate's Section, with 2.0 each.