The Asheboro Open 43

  North Carolina Champions Go Head to Head

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A Friend INDEED: Asheboro's own Mark Stout saved the day by stepping in to assist with setup. THANKS!!

Experience Counts! Greensboro's Michael Clay (L) took the point in round one action with Arturo Suarez.

On your Marc, Get Set, Nooooo! Marc Roach (R) gets a dream!? pairing with NC Champion FM Ron Simpson in round one.

Can't Touch This! Josh Taylor (L) and Zakir Ahmed's kings remain safe as their first round matchup ends with a draw.

Viva Columbia! Columbian-born Juan Sierra (R) and Richard Cowles square off in round one action.

Chess Fillet? Seth Taylor-Brill (L) and Suraj Madiraju make no bones about their determination in round one.

Fight or Flight? John Retarides (L) and Jordan Joseph dog-fight in round one.

Chess Cred: Former NC Champ Chris Mabe (L) gives Gil Holmes a tough time in round one.

Hit The Road, Jack? Nope! Jack Brooks (L) maps out a victory in round one action with Greensboro's Reynaldo Diaz.

St. Patrick's Day? Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (L) and Dr. Joe Graves match wits in round one.

Two Dangerous Opponents Meet: Dr. Joe Graves (L) and Marc Roach make for chess mayhem in round two.

Cap-O-Blanca! John Retarides (L) and Seth Taylor-Brill face off in round two.

I fought the law, and the law won...Josh Lawson (R) puts cuffs on the position in round two action with Josh Taylor.

Too hot to handle! Tough Jack Brooks (R) couldn't quite contain the wildfire chess of NM Chris Mabe.

The Five-Year Itch? Charles Coleman (L) plays his first rated chess in over five years. His second round opponent was super-solid Zakir Ahmed.

In the Zone: Gilbert Holmes (L) had a great tournament. Here he is seen with second round opponent Reynaldo Diaz.

Mental Jousting: Suraj Madiraju (L) and Arturo Suarez square off in round two action.

Concentration! Juan Sierra (R) focuses intently in round two action with Jordan Joseph.

Looking For a Master Scalp: Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (L) always makes a chess splash, even against players like FM Ron Simpson.

Greensboro's Michael Clay (L) flexes his rapidly-developing chess muscles in round two action with Richard Cowles.

Charlotte Showdown: Expert Patrick McCartney (L) and Gilbert Holmes fought to a draw in round three.

Friendly Frustration: Nobody likes to play his friend, but Zakir Ahmed (L) and Josh Lawson still fought like tigers in round three.

Scholastic Showdown! Jordan Joseph (L) had a great tournament, earning 95 rating points. Seth Taylor-Brill was his third round opponent.

E=MC Chess! NM Chris Mabe (L) outplayed current NC Champion FM Ron Simpson to claim this month's bragging rights. Can we get a rivalry going here?

A few tricks up his sleeve: Charles Coleman (R) outlasted the always dangerous Josh Taylor in round three.

Chess Amigos: Arturo Suarez (L) and Juan Sierra chess it up in round three action.

Jack is Back! John "Jack" Brooks had a great tournament and finished at 2-0. Dr. Joe Graves was his third round opponent.

Who's on First? Greensboro players Michael Clay (L) and John Retarides duke it out for first place honors.

Extreme Chess Closeup! Suraj Madiraju between rounds.

Three UP, three DOWN! NM Chris Mabe was unstoppable at 3-0 to win first place and $150.00. Was that a sonic boom?

Success Formula: Sleep late, get a 1st round bye, and win second place! Greensboro's Josh Lawson earned 2.5 points to take second place and $70.00.

Perfect Finish! John Retarides went 3-0 to capture clear 1st in the Candidate's Section.