The Asheboro Open 49

  Anything Can Happen In Asheboro...and Does!

Zachary High Crowned The Upset King

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Will of the Wisp? Tough Matt Embler (R) succumbed to young Will Campbell's wiley tactics in round one.

Stretching Out The Game: David Blair (L) fought well, but fell victim to a patented Campbell tactic in round one.

No Cake-Walk: Mark Gragg (R) made opponent Chris Mabe earn his point in round one action.

Scholastic Superstars in Action: Greensboro's Kevin Chen (L) pulled out a win against current Scholastic Champion David High in round one.

The Z Team?? Zachary High (L) launched his comeback tour in round one by defeating Greensboro legend Zakir Ahmed.

On your Mark, Get Set, Play Chess! Asheboro's own Mark Stout (L) faced off against a determined Derek Chen in round one.

NM Chris Mabe!!!! That says it all.

Longest Game Award: Cheng Chu (L) went down to the wire against Jack Brooks in round one, squeaking by with a win despite serious time pressure.

It's Electric! Former NC Champion Chris Mabe (L) had his hands full against human dynamo Will Campbell in round two.

Dadacation: Walter High (L) gave up Carolina Football tickets to play in Asheboro! David Blair was his second round opponent.

Army Airborne! Asheboro Chess Club member Joe McDonald (L) might have needed a parachute in his round two match with Grace Campbell.

We want to thank Joe McDonald for his service to our country! Go Army!

On a Roll: Zachary High (L) was unstoppable despite strong opponents like Tony Cato. We want to welcome Tony to his first Asheboro Open!

Concentration: Jack Brooks (L) and Zakir Ahmed lock horns in round two.

Elbow Room: Assistant TD Mark Stout (R) and Jordan Joseph get down to business in round two.

Fervid Competitors Fight to the Finish: David High (L) won the pawn-toss against Mark Gragg in round two.

Thirsty for the Win: Young Will Campbell (R) looks for a Master scalp in round two. NM Chris Mabe would have none of it.

This may sting a bit.... Greensboro's Kevin Chen (L) tries to avoid medical student Cheng Chu's "hurt locker" in round two.

Paired with a Prodigy? Walter High (L) got the "scholastic treatment" from Derek Chen in round three.

Let Me See Here...Jordan Joseph (L) strikes a dapper pose as opponent Grace Campbell studies the board in round three.

Unbeatable Resolve: Matt Embler (L) and Tony Cato fought to a draw in round three.

Asheboro Amigos: Joe McDonald (L) and Mark Stout go head to head in round three action.

Bring the Pain, He Can Handle It: NM Chris Mabe (L) triumphed in round three against a very determined Cheng Chu.

Making the Rounds: David High (L) and Zakir Ahmed chess it up in round three.

Where Are the Easy Wins? Not here! Kevin Chen (L) and Mark Gragg battled to a draw in round three.

New Upset King: Zachary High (R) was in the zone, scoring three upset wins in a row. William Campbell (L) was his final hurdle in round three.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! NM Chris Mabe & Zachary High tied for first in the Championship Section--each with perfect 3.0 scores.

This was an extremely unlikely result given the number of players, but greatness makes its own rules. And in the immortal words of Tony the Tiger, They're Grrrrrreat!

Too Cool for School? Grace Campbell is quickly making a name for herself as one of the top scholastic players in North Carolina. You've been warned!

At 3-0, Grace dominated the Candidate's Section and won $117.00 for her efforts.