The Asheboro Open VIII

 North Carolina Chess At Its Finest

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Jonathan Lang (left) plays an extra rated game with Ken Ivens after receiving a first round bye.

Ken graciously agreed to play Lang a rated game after arriving late and receiving a half point bye.

Ken Ivens studies the chess board intently.

We welcome to welcome Ken back to Asheboro after a brief hiatus.

Gregory Hall (left) faces Matthew Greene "The Chess Machine" in round one.

We want to welcome Gregory to his first Asheboro Open.

Group photo from round one. Eugene Tiselsky (left rear) faces Jacob Parrish. Tanner Hogue (left) and Charles Yu are in the foreground.

Another group photo from round one. Greensboro's Jeff McAdams (front right) appears to be a bit camera shy.

Wolfpacker Charles Yu observes the action. Greensboro's Jacob Parrish peeks into the shot.

Jamestown's Joshua Jodrey is 100% business in round one action.

Gary Newsom (left) faces young gun Joshua Jodrey in round one.

We want to welcome Gary to his first Asheboro Open.

Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (left) squares off against Greensboro's Laurin Keller in round one.

McCartney is one of NC's rising chess stars, having cracked the 2000 expert barrier. We want to welcome him to his first Asheboro Open.

Greensboro's Laurin Keller (right) managed a minor upset by drawing Patrick McCartney in round one.

After the game, Keller was heard to break the sound barrier. :-)

Kevin Greene (left) faces Jeff McAdams in round one action.

We want to welcome Kevin to Asheboro.

Eugene Tiselsky (right) had a tough pairing vs. Jacob Parrish is round one.

Jacob Parrish is one of NC's rising chess stars.

Robin Johnston (left) faces fellow Asheboro TD Mark Stout in round one.

Asheboro TD Mark Stout (right) fights fellow Asheborian (!?) Robin Johnston to a first round draw.

Hillsborough's John Timmel faces a tough opponent in Greensboro's Josh Lawson (right).

NC Chess Icon John Timmel "goes Fritz" on his opponent, calculating many ply ahead.

Greensboro's Josh Lawson (right) has his hands full against John Timmel in round one.

Josh has joined the US NAVY and will be leaving for duty soon. We all wish him the best, and appreciate his service to our country.

Daniel Ulshen (left) in round one action vs. Asheboro's own Rick Upchurch.

Rick Upchurch, a fellow Asheboro TD, will be acting as Chief TD for The Asheboro Open IX on February 4th.

Two reluctant friends collide in round two. Greensboro's Matthew Greene (left) faces friend Josh Lawson.

Raleigh TD Charles Yu (left) faces Kevin Greene in round two.

Gregory Hall (right) faces young gun Joshua Jodrey in round two.

Asheboro's own Robin Johnston (left) in round two action vs. Daniel Ulshen.

Greensboro's Laurin Keller pulls off another upset in round two vs. Gary Newsom (right).

Keller is methodically carving himself a place into NC Chess lore.

Greensboro's Jacob Parrish (right) looks for the upset win against John Timmel.

Young gun Jacob Parrish (right) could not topple Timmel this time.

Asheboro's own Rick Upchurch (left) faces young gun Tanner Hogue in round two.

"Can I interest you in a knight fork?" Tanner Hogue (left) won the queen and the game with a little horseplay.

Huntersville's Gary Newsom (left) graciously agreed to play in the final round after a tough day.

We want to thank Gary for helping us avoid a forced last round bye.

Two Greensboro "Gs" chess it up in round three. Laurin Keller (left) eventually pulls over for "The Lawman."

Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (left) faced Jacob Parrish is round three.

Age vs. beauty!? Asheboro TDs Rick Upchurch (left) and Mark Stout compete in the final round.

Team Spirit! TDs Mark Stout (left) and Charles Yu sporting their fly gang colors.

If you look closely, you will notice that Yu's victory sign has fallen over. What could be greater than that? :-)

Co Champions Joshua Jodrey and John Timmel share the spoils of victory.

Jodrey's exceptional performance earned him quite a few rating points!

Unfortunately, our photo of the two playing was very blurry. This may have been due to a convergence of too much chess ambience.

Young gun Tanner Hogue took no prisoners and captured clear 1st place in the Candidate's Section.

Rumor has it this isn't the last we will hear from this talented player!

We want to thank NC players for their continued support! The Asheboro Open VIII was a good success with twenty players.