The Asheboro Open IX

 North Carolina Chess At Its Finest

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Charlotte's Patrick McCartney (left) faces Ian Haigler in round one.

Asheboro wants to welcome Ian back to rated chess, and to his first Asheboro Open.

Greensboro's Jacob Parrish (left) faces Asheboro's own Robin Johnston in round one.

Greensboro's Stephen Styers (left) squares off against Asheboro's own Mark Stout.

Joshua Taylor (left) has his hands full in round one action with Greensboro's Jeff McAdams.

The game eventually ended in a draw.

Asheboro TD Tom Hales (left) faced his nemesis in round one action. Eugene Tiselsky (right) refused the Gambit pawn.

Hales: "Who paired me with this prodigy?"

Asheboro TD Rick Upchurch plays a friendly game with Greenville TD Victor Beaman.

Ian Haigler (left) faced Asheboro's own Mark Stout in round three.

TD vs. TD in round three. Victor Beaman (right) faces Asheboro's own Robin Johnston in round three.

It's always a bad sign when your opponent is named Victor.

Jeff McAdams (left) faces tough opposition in round three action with Stephen Styers.

Asheboro's own Rick Upchurch assumed most TD duties for the tournament.

Unfortunately, a small problem at USCF caused him to get less than full credit due as Chief TD. (They didn't have his email address on file). Rather than hold up rating the tournament, we listed Rick as Assistant TD.

The BIG BAD WOLF returns! Greensboro's Jacob Parrish claimed three scalps in his blistering 3-0 performance.

The WOLF has a kinder side, and graciously donated a portion of his winnings to Asheboro Chess Club! WOW! Thanks!

Joshua Taylor would not be beaten today, and his 2.5 final score earned him clear 2nd place. Congratulations!

Stephen Styers (left) and Greenville TD Victor Beaman shared the class prize with 2.0 each.