is proud to announce


The Asheboro Open XXV




 Total Players:     36 

 Total Prizes:      $825.00

 Cross table:       USCF Crosstable 


 PHOTOS:           The Asheboro Open XXV




                                                Section Winners:


Championship (Open; 1710-UP):   
1st:            NM Craig Jones, NM Chris Mabe (3.0)                              $ 118.00 each
2nd:           Combined with 1st.                                                                     ---------
Class:        Samuel Xin, Matt Helfst (2.0)                                               $  20.00 each

Candidates (1303-1709):

1st:             Brad Marts  (3.0)                                                                $159.00
2nd:            John Sailer   (2.5)                                                                $ 76.00                                      
Class:         Connor Labean (2.0)                                                            $ 40.00
Club (UNR-1302):

1st:             Ben Zhang   (2.5)                                                                  $159.00
2nd:            Aaron Balleisen, Michael Clay (2.0)                                      $ 38.00  each                                    
Class:         Dane Simon (1.5)                                                                  $ 40.00                                                              


Some Thoughts on The Asheboro Open XXV

from William "Tom" Hales, Organizer & Chief TD


Attendance was awesome this month--up 25% from 2006!  Thirty-six players converged on

the little city that could to make chess mayhem.  When the last piece was back in the box,

eleven intrepid players divvied up $825.00 in prizes.  That's a 91.5% payout--our highest

percentage ever.  Believe me, these players earned it as they battled not only their

opponents, but heat fatigue due to one of the two air conditioners being on the fritz.


It looks like 2007 is going to be a great year for NC Chess, and for The Asheboro Open. 

Attendance in Asheboro is up about 25% from 2006.  So far, we are averaging 25.5 players

and $548.00 per month in prizes.  We couldn't do it without you, folks, so thanks again

for making this year one for the record books.  


Headlining this month were two National Masters:  NM Craig Jones, and NM Chris Mabe.

One might have called this one in advance, except for the ocean of chess talent these

two had to navigate in order to share first place.  We were literally inundated with

great players this month. 


I am always looking for ways improve YOUR experience in Asheboro.  This month, our

large turnout made me realize that we need a better way to deal with sections when

our numbers are 30 or more.  The problem occurs when there are TOO MANY playing in

a section (not a bad problem to have!).  This has happened before, but now that I have more

experience as a tournament director, the solution has become apparent.  I want to thank

NM Jones and NM Mabe for their valuable insights and input regarding this.


We want to keep the "Open" in The Asheboro Open, but when there are three sections, we

need to change to a "Semi-Open" format.  Sections with over twelve people in a three

round Swiss are undesirable and impractical.  Overly large sections often cause too many

equal scores and split prizes.  In this tournament, it resulted in two National Masters sharing

first place without meeting over the board. 


We will be amending our policy thus:  When there are 30 or more people resulting in three

or more sections, the Championship Section will be Open only to those who qualify by

rating, unless an exception is requested and granted by the Chief Tournament Director. 

Sections will also be capped at no more than 14 to a section.  This will be the max; I will aim

for less when possible.  I will also add a 4th Section if necessary, but only if there would be more

than 14 per section.   


I will certainly allow someone to "play up" to even out a section.  If two want the same spot, it

will be awarded to the highest rated of the two.  In the event of a tie, a coin flip will be utilized.

Occasionally, some may be disappointed who wanted to play up.  I will make every effort to

accommodate such players when it is feasible.  This is a necessary change, though, and for the

good of the tournament.  It is a forward-looking policy, as our goal is to see an average of 30

players per tournament.  This change will result in Smarter Sections, and starts July 14, 2007. 


Prize payouts will remain the same for all sections.  I have considered the point some have made

that the Championship Section should pay more than other sections.  While there is some merit to

this idea, I think the good of the entire tournament is served best by keeping the payouts equal.

It is true that National Masters have devoted significantly more time and energy than average

players, and this justifies a greater reward. 


The flip side of this idea is that larger prizes for all drive up attendance, which benefits the Master.

Also, we normally have no more than one or two Masters at each tournament.  This gives them some

compensation since they are statistically much more likely to win.  The Master's time is worth more

than we could possibly pay.  I hope that a great chess atmosphere will be enough to keep them

coming back.  We are certainly honored when they take time from their busy schedules to play!   


The new owners at Days Inn are working hard to fix problems at the motel.  We have already seen

an end to wild parties across the hall.  There are still parties, but noise is a virtual non-issue.  The

difference is astounding!  This month, we had to get by with one air conditioner in a room that has

two.  Unfortunately, it was an extremely hot day!  The new owners did what they could to help by

supplying fans.


Wireless Internet service was down due to the transition.  However, the new owners let us use their

personal Clearwire connection.  We brought this little wonder into the playing room, and by taking

turns, we made the best of the situation.  We do love our Wi-Fi!


I have complete confidence that the new owners will have the air conditioning problem resolved

quickly, as well as restoring the wireless Internet service.  I have already seen them take action to

solve many of our complaints--complaints which had fallen on deaf ears before they took over. 

Even their young son is busy about the motel, and asked me several times if we needed anything!   


You have heard me thank people for their help in the past, but you must read this!  Assistant TD

Mark Stout of Asheboro arrived early to volunteer his help.  Despite not planning to play, he stayed

until nearly the start of round two, and helped in countless ways!  Jacob Parrish also arrived early

to lend a hand.  Jacob recently received his Club Level TD Certification, and served as First Assistant

Director.  He handled most of the registration, and ran errands for me throughout the day.  Last but

not least, Jonathan McNeill stopped by with his parents to help clean up after the tournament.  I'm

not sure if they had any idea what a blessing this was, but I was dog-tired, and still a bit under the

weather with bronchitis.  I can't thank them enough for their help.


Who is left to thank?  I want to think NM Craig Jones for playing, and bringing a carload with him.

We were also honored to have  NM Chris Mabe as our guest this month.  These two NC Chess Icons

helped take our tournament to another level.  Thanks to the many parents who made it possible for

their kids to participate.  Last, but not least, I want to thank everyone for their participation.     


The Asheboro Open XXVI is July 14th, and TAO XXVII is July 28th!  This gives you two great ways to

prepare for the prestigious LPO on August 10-12, 2007.  Come see for yourself why we call this the

BIG TOURNAMENT experience. 



William "Tom" Hales, Chief TD

The Asheboro Open


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