is proud to announce


The Asheboro Open XVI




 Total Players:         29

 Total Prizes:      $610.00

 Cross table:       USCF Crosstable 


 PHOTOS:           The Asheboro Open XVI

                             The Asheboro Open XV

                             The Asheboro Open XIV



                                                Section Winners:


Championship (Open; 1600-UP):   
1st:             Adam Holmes (3.0)                                                     $175.00
2nd:            Jonathan Lang (2.5)                                                     $  85.00
Class:          Charlie F. Hall & Stephen Styers (2.0)                         $  22.50 each

Candidates (1599-UNR):

1st:             Jeff McAdams, Mark Stout, Zachary High (2.5)            $  87.00 each
2nd:            Combined with 1st                                           
Class:          Ralph Ray, Michael Clay,
                   Charles Timmons, Yash Mehta (2.0)                             $ 11.25 each


Some Thoughts on The Asheboro Open XVI

from William "Tom" Hales, Organizer & Chief TD


September became a month to remember!  Twenty nine players from across North Carolina gathered for a special day of chess and friendship.  We want to thank of all the weekend warriors who support us each month.  We also welcomed several newcomers:  Charlie F. Hall, Jerome De Bell, Ralph Ray, Anatoly Ray, Charles Timmons, and Ben F. Carter.  Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to seeing you again!          


The Championship Section was quite literally "up for grabs" this month.  Former TAO champions Eugene Tiselsky, Joshua Jodrey, and Jacob Parrish were part of a lineup that included strong A players such as David Noden,

Dr. Joseph Graves, and Samuel Xin.  When the smoke cleared, rising chess star and TAO veteran Adam Holmes emerged as the clear victor with his perfect 3.0 sweep.  Second place was a shocker this month as seasoned scholastic player Jonathan Lang showed that his decision to "play up" was a good one!  Jonathan gained 89 well deserved rating points, and earned clear 2nd place with 2.5.  Wow!  Congratulations to these two tough competitors

for their superb performances. 


Rounding out the Championship Section, TAO newbie Charlie F. Hall proved that he is not to be underestimated and reeled off two surprising victories netting him 45 rating points and his share of the class prize.  Super solid Stephen Styers of Greensboro shared the class prize with his two resounding victories.  Retired Lt. Col Ambrose Jacobs repelled a literal wave of hungry scholastic players, and remained undefeated with three draws.  I want to thank him

for offering to take a draw in a better position after an unfortunate clock malfunction.  It made things a lot easier, and showed a lot of class.  His decision allowed us to get the final round underway in a timely fashion as well. 


The Candidate's Section was shared by two veteran players and a young gun.  Jeff McAdams, Mark Stout, and Zachary High all finished with 2.5 in a three way tie for 1st place.  In spite of this tie, each earned a cool $87.00 and substantial bragging rights.  The Class prize was divided with four people scoring 2.0:  Ralph Ray, Michael Clay, Charles Timmons, and Yash Mehta.  Excellent work!  


I was pleasantly surprised with our attendance this month.  Here's the real scoop:  we actually had 30

players!  One player who will remain nameless got confused and showed up at Asheboro Chess Club's meeting

location ( W.H. Moring Art Center).  Don't bother asking me who it lips are sealed.  Suffice it to say that

he was missed, and we hope to see him at future events.


A note about tournament photos:  I do my level best each month to take a good selection of photos.  Sometimes, photos do not turn out well.  For those that do, I have the hair pulling task of choosing a limited number

to put on the photo page.  My selection process is based on the following (with #1 being the most important): 

1.  Quality of the photo.    2.  Non duplication (I try to ensure everyone is represented at least once)    3.  Champions and newcomers receive slight preference.  4.  My personal whims (Hah!  Just kidding...).  I always try get the 1st and 2nd place winners, though rarely some have not wanted their photo taken.  Also, when there is a large split between a class prize, I may not be able to photograph everyone.


Photo captions are meant to be informative, entertaining and slightly witty.  In other words, please don't take it too seriously!  I haven't had complaints, but I thought some explanation might be appropriate.  I want everyone to enjoy

the photos and commentary.  To date, no one has broken my camera (Hah!). 


We are still hopeful to see improvements at Days Inn of Asheboro.  As I have stated in the past, I no longer

recommend them for lodging due to a C Sanitation grade.  I am beginning to see some progress.  Management

is working with us to eliminate any noise problems from the banquet room across the hall.  We have been

assured that there will be no music until the last game is finished.  So far, so good!


I am taking additional steps to ensure your enjoyment at The Asheboro Open.  During the tournament, I am

committed to personally check the restrooms for proper stock of hand towels and toilet paper.  I am also putting a

lot of pressure on management to improve their sanitation grade.  I mention it every time we speak.  Our playing

area is more than adequate as is...but we don't want to settle for adequate.  We want The Asheboro Open

to be the best it can be.


We have not completely ruled out a move to Hampton Inn of Asheboro, but they do want more money for less

space.  Hopefully the prospect of us jumping ship will encourage Days Inn to raise their standards.  I have seen encouraging signs, so we remain optimistic.


We are still committed to the CRAZY!? idea of 30+ players each month.  Let's take it a step about

300 players at the LPO or NC Championship!  Impossible?  When North Carolina Chess thrives, we all win with bigger and better tournaments.  We need your continued support to make this a reality.


I want to thank everyone who helped make The Asheboro Open XVI a success:  Assistant TD Mark Stout arrived early

(just shortly after 8:00am), and helped with final setup.  Special Assistant John Davis was out of town this time, as was Assistant TD Robin Johnston.  Both were certainly missed!  Again, I want to thank YOU, the chess players of North Carolina, for your support of this tournament.  YOU put the BIG in BIG TOURNAMENT experience! 


The Asheboro Open XVII is October 7th!  CHESS is exploding in North Carolina!  Come be part of the action!




William "Tom" Hales, Chief TD

The Asheboro Open


Asheboro Chess Club subscribes to the "Activity Means Members" philosophy of the

US Chess Federation.  Rated chess attracts new members, and helps regain those who have

lapsed.  We want to thank everyone who participated, and we encourage you to support other

tournaments and clubs in the area:   




Asheboro Chess Club meets Tuesdays from 6:00pm until 10:00pm

at the W.H. Moring Arts Center, 125 Sunset St, Asheboro, NC 27203

Enter parking lot at Bicentennial Park, turn left, and we are right next

to First National Bank.  Look for sign 125 Meeting Room.


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