is proud to announce


The Asheboro Open XVIII




 Total Players:         17

 Total Prizes:      $370.00

 Cross table:       USCF Crosstable 


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                                                Section Winners:


Championship (Open; 1600-UP):   
1st:            Henry Mattison (3.0)                                                                 $ 130.00
2nd:           Jacob Parrish, Eugene Tiselsky (2.0)                                          $   22.50 each
Class:         Insufficient players.

Candidates (1599-UNR):

1st:              Kirk Vaughn (3.0)                                                                    $130.00
2nd:            Ian Haigler, Tony Hicks, Connor Labean, Charles Timmons       $  14.00 each                                 
Class:         Insufficient players.

Some Thoughts on The Asheboro Open XVIII

from William "Tom" Hales, Organizer & Chief TD


November seems to be an "off" month for Swiss tournaments.  Still, our numbers were up 42% from this

time last year.  I don't believe we took any players from the NC/SC challenge, nor do I feel they impacted our attendance at all.  The differing formats offered players a clear choice as to what type of chess they were seeking. 

Numbers are generally down "across the board" in November.  We were glad to see a good turnout in such a month.


We want to welcome some new players to The Asheboro Open:  Kirk Vaughn (the scholastic power player), and new USCF members Joseph Bailey and Austin Hylton.  We appreciate your attendance, and hope you will return

to play again soon.     


The Championship Section was a FREE FOR ALL this month, with two Russian immigrants Henry Mattison and

Alexei Gorbounov headlining.  Add to this two former TAO Champions,  Jacob Parrish, and Eugene Tiselsky.

Mix liberally with seasoned veterans and hungry scholastic players.  The result:  a delicious day of chess!!  When

the oven cooled, Henry Mattison emerged as the clear winner with his dominating 3-0 performance.  Former TAO

Champs Jacob Parrish and Eugene Tiselsky shared second place honors with 2-0 each.  Congratulations to the

winners, and to everyone for a great day of chess!


The Candidate's Section was dominated as well.  Scholastic power player Kirk Vaughn took no prisoners and won

clear 1st with his 3-0 finish.  Second place honors were split four ways:  Ian Haigler, Tony Hicks, Connor Labean, and Charles Timmons each claimed their share with 2.0 each.  Now that's what I call CHESS! 


Scholastic players are often referred to as the "future" of chess, and this is certainly true.  However, they are

also a significant part of today's chess action.  The Asheboro Open is fortunate to have a small army of

scholastic players who support our tournament each month.  Scholastic does NOT mean second class, folks.

These players compete on every level, and have won their share of Championships here.  Of course, this

would not be possible without a lot of good parents who bring them in.  We want you to know how much we

appreciate your support each month!


Adult players:  we need you, too!  Chess is a great way to keep your mind sharp.  It can also be a lot of fun!

I would like to see adults take a cue from scholastic players:  CARPOOLING IS COOL!  There are many

advantages:  save gas, save the environment, improve the tournament, do a favor, make a friend, show off your new

ride (hah!).  Seriously, folks.  Carpooling is good for chess.  So bring a friend, and watch things get better and better.


I want to mention a special friend and player who is leaving the area.  Many of you know Robin Johnston, famous for his unusual "Echidna" Defense and winning smile.  Robin has been an important part of Asheboro Chess Club for the past several years, and has assisted me greatly in more ways than I can mention here.  Robin is making the move to Tallahassee Florida, where a better job awaits.  We want to wish Robin & wife Mary Lou all the best!


As always, I want to thank everyone who helped make The Asheboro Open XVIII a success:  Special Assistant

John Davis volunteers his time month after month to help with the tournament.  This month, Jacob Parrish pitched in to help clean up afterward.  Special thanks to Ian Haigler for his generous unsolicited donation to Asheboro Chess Club.  Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank the chess players of North Carolina for their support of the tournament this year.  We can't do it without you! 


The Asheboro Open XIX is December 9th!  Celebrate the holidays in style with North Carolina Chess!




William "Tom" Hales, Chief TD

The Asheboro Open


Asheboro Chess Club subscribes to the "Activity Means Members" philosophy of the

US Chess Federation.  Rated chess attracts new members, and helps regain those who have

lapsed.  We want to thank everyone who participated, and we encourage you to support other

tournaments and clubs in the area:   




Asheboro Chess Club meets Tuesdays from 6:00pm until 10:00pm

at the W.H. Moring Arts Center, 125 Sunset St, Asheboro, NC 27203

Enter parking lot at Bicentennial Park, turn left, and we are right next

to First National Bank.  Look for sign 125 Meeting Room.


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