is proud to announce


The Asheboro Open XI




 Total Players:         16

 Total Prizes:      $300.00

 Cross table:       USCF Crosstable 


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Section Winners:



Championship (Open; 1700-Up; All Players):        

 Note:  It only became possible to pair 16 players for round two, so we

 played with one section and class prizes.


1st Prize       ($165.00)       Robin "Echidna" Johnston               (3.0)


2nd Prize      ($85.00)         Jacob Parrish                                 (2.5)


Class Prize:    ($25.00)        David High                                    (2.0)


Class Prize:    ($25.00)        Zachary High                                 (1.0)




Some Thoughts on The Asheboro Open XI

from William "Tom" Hales, Organizer & Chief TD


First, I want to apologize for taking so long to get these results posted.  The recent death of my father in law, who was also a dear friend, has made things difficult for me lately.  Thanks for your patience.


This month's tournament was a bit unusual since we did not have any players in the 2000 range (though I would argue that both Jacob Parrish & Eugene Tiselsky are well on their way toward that mark!).  A sudden surge in gas prices may have been to blame for April's small dip in attendance.   


We started out with 14 players, but one showed up a bit late, making 15 total.  I decided to play in round two to make It an even 16, with better pairings and no byes.  In Asheboro, we have a policy that the chief tournament director does not compete for cash prizes.  Tournament directors may, however, serve as "house players" or even be paired in the general tournament to prevent byes.  Personally, I do not like to play and direct:  it makes it difficult for me to play my best chess.


There were some interesting pairings due to the single section--with many upset possibilities.  This was one tournament where the outcome was far from inevitable--and this made for some exciting chess!           


In the Championship Section, Asheboro's own Robin "Echidna" Johnston dominated and sailed to first place with his perfect 3-0 performance!  Greensboro's Jacob "Big Bad Wolf" Parrish earned clear 2nd with 2.5 points.  His first place plans were interrupted by Eugene "Wiz Kid" Tiselksy in round one.  Their exciting game went to the wire before they agreed to a draw.  Two brothers managed to corner the class prizes:  David & Zachary High each earned $25.00 for their efforts.


I want to thank everyone who helped make this tournament a success.  There is a fine team of volunteers in Asheboro who

help out month after month, including John Davis and Robin Johnston.  We also appreciate all of you dedicated players, without whom the tournament would be pointless.


This has been a great year for Asheboro, and for North Carolina Chess!  Come see us on May 13th for The Asheboro Open XII!

We appreciate your support! 




William "Tom" Hales, Assistant TD

The Asheboro Open


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