is proud to announce


The Asheboro Open XX




 Total Players:         28

 Total Prizes:      $590.00

 Cross table:       USCF Crosstable 


 PHOTOS:           The Asheboro Open XX

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                                                Section Winners:


Championship (Open; 1600-UP):   
1st:            FM Ron Simpson (3.0)                                                              $ 165.00
2nd:           Adam Holmes, Joshua Jodrey (2.5)                                            $   42.50 each
Class:        Eugene Tiselsky, Joshua Taylor (2.0)                                          $   22.50 each

Candidates (UNR-1599):

1st:             Jonathan McNeill (3.0)                                                                    $165.00
2nd:            Jeff McAdams (2.5)                                                                        $  85.00                                 
Class:         Zachary High, Larry Cooper (2.0)                                                   $  22.50 each

Some Thoughts on The Asheboro Open XX

from William "Tom" Hales, Organizer & Chief TD


What a way to kick off 2007!  Twenty Eight of NC's finest competitors converged for a day of chess, friends,

and pure enjoyment.  That's a 40% increase from just a year ago, folks!  We couldn't have done it without you!

This is a great time to be a chess player in North Carolina!


The Championship Section was star-studded this month, with no less than SIX former TAO Champions

in competition.  Add to this mix powerful newcomer Satyajit Malugu, and the outcome was anything but certain. 

That's part of the excitement of Swiss Tournaments:  their unpredictability gives everyone a chance to compete. 

In spite of being a bit top heavy with FM Ron Simpson headlining, this tournament turned out to be a free for all

with some major upsets and outstanding performances. 


When the smoke cleared, FM Ron Simpson had captured clear first at 3-0, sinking the hopes of three very

talented competitors in his wake.  Nipping at his heels, however, scholastic powerhouses Adam Holmes and

Joshua Jodrey turned in superb performances at 2.5 each to share second place.  Eugene Tiselsky and

Joshua Taylor shared the under 1800 class prize with 2.0 each.  Tiselsky earned the title of "Upset King"

this month by defeating two much higher rated players, and picking up 50 rating points in the process.  Thanks to everyone for making this an exciting tournament, and congratulations to the winners.


The Candidate's Section was once again dominated by dark horse Jonathan McNeill.  Jonathan is one of

Asheboro's finest, and has been steadily making his way through my entire collection of chess books!  All the

study and hard work has paid off, and Jonathan won clear first this month with a perfect 3-0 finish.  Second place

honors went to Jeff McAdams, who was undefeated at 2.5.  The Class prize was split two ways:  Zachary High

and Larry Cooper each claimed their share with 2.0 each.  Bravo!!     


There were several players new to The Asheboro Open this month:  Tracy Callis, Chris Willis, Curtis Morrison,

and Bryan Metoyer.  We want to thanks them for fitting us into their busy schedules, and we hope to see then

again soon!  It only adds to the excitement when first timers darken our doors. 


On a personal note, I had a blast at Victor Beaman's new TACO tournament in Raleigh.  I think our tournaments

compliment each other, and we both had great turnouts this month.  I am convinced that convenient, exciting

tournaments will expand our base of serious players in North Carolina.  We are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg. 

Together, we can make North Carolina the chess capitol of the South!


You may have noticed that it took a bit longer to get the photos and results this month...well, allow me to explain.

This month's group of photos were unusually difficult to work with, so I had to put in a lot of extra Photo Shop effort.

Unfortunately, one player did not even make the cut this month:  my apologies to Larry Williams.  None of my

photos of Larry were of sufficient quality to publish (blame the photographer; not Larry!).  However, I did manage to

get a good photo of his wife Theresa!  Thanks for your patience, folks...     


Be sure to check out our Tournament Games Section at  We currently have

fifty-two games, and I expect to be adding more soon.  This month:  enjoy the three exciting matches of our

current champion, FM Ron Simpson.  Read exclusive commentary by him on the final game.  Also, don't miss 

the wild Smith-Morra melee between Satyajit Malugu and Dr. Joseph Graves.  Check back often, as I will be adding more games from this tournament soon.  Help us make this game selection even better by sending your Asheboro Open games to  Thanks! 


I appreciate everyone who helped make The Asheboro Open XX a success:  Special Assistant John Davis volunteers his time month after month to help with the tournament.  This month, Jonathan McNeill pitched in to help with setup and cleanup afterward.  Also, Asheboro Chess Club TD Mark Stout came in early Saturday morning to

lend a hand.  Last but not least I want to thank the chess players of North Carolina for their support of the tournament this year.  We can't do it without you! 


The Asheboro Open XXI is February 10th!  Scholastic players:  Get Ready for the NC State Scholastic with

the top-level competitors here in Asheboro!  A little extra practice will keep your chess ideas flowing.




William "Tom" Hales, Chief TD

The Asheboro Open


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lapsed.  We want to thank everyone who participated, and we encourage you to support other

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