is proud to announce


The Asheboro Open XXI




 Total Players:     30  (29 paid entries, one house player)

 Total Prizes:      $650.00

 Cross table:       USCF Crosstable 


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                                                Section Winners:


Championship (Open; 1600-UP):   
1st:            FM Ron Simpson (3.0)                                                              $ 180.00
2nd:           Patrick McCartney, Adam Holmes,

                 Tracy Callis, David Noden  (2.0)                                                $   24.00 each
Class:        Joshua Taylor (1.5)                                                                     $   50.00

Candidates (UNR-1599):

1st:             Ben Blach, Connor Labean (3.0)                                                $137.50 each
2nd:            Combined with 1st                                                                                                        
Class:         Zachary High, Jonathan McNeill,

                  Elliot Cartee, Larry Cooper (2.0)                                                $  12.50 each

Some Thoughts on The Asheboro Open XXI

from William "Tom" Hales, Organizer & Chief TD


There must be an outbreak of chess fever in North Carolina!  While there is no known cure for chess

fever, serious chess competition does help relieve symptoms.  The Asheboro Open XXI was just what

the doctor ordered!  Thirty of NC's best and brightest gathered for a day of 100% pure chess relief.  February

saw a 150% increase from just a year ago, folks!  That is certainly nothing to sneeze at!  This in a month

that included major tournaments like LOTS and The NC State Scholastic.   


North Carolina is quickly becoming the "Chess Capitol of the South!"  Hey, we all love NY...but we've got some

great players here too!  What a great time to be a chess player in North Carolina!     


The Championship Section was overflowing with chess talent this month.  FM Ron Simpson headlined a

serious group of competitors that included Carolina Cobra John Timmel.  We were pleasantly surprised to

see the return of Charlotte Expert Patrick McCartney (with his new bride and fellow chess player Amanda).

We also want to welcome back Virginian Tracy Callis, a super solid A player with Expert aspirations. 

New to our lineup this month, Carter Benge is a talented scholastic player with a lot of potential.  He is a

great addition to our incredible lineup of scholastic power players.


FM Ron Simpson once again proved an unstoppable force, emerging from the fiery furnace unscathed at 3-0

to win 1st place.  Second place worked out to an unusual four way split:  Patrick McCartney, Adam Holmes,

Tracy Callis, and David Noden shared the honors at 2.0 each.  Rounding out the Championship Section,

Joshua Taylor captured the class prize with his solid 1.5 performance.  Well Done!!


The Candidate's Section was extremely competitive this month, with several previous champions competing

and a few newcomers.  We want to give a hearty Asheboro welcome to Ben Blach, Amanda McCartney, and

Kevin Xue Huang.  When the final pawn was promoted, newcomer Ben Blach shared 1st place honors with

former Champion Connor LabeanI made a complete mess of the class prize, awarding a three way split--

and later realizing that it was actually a four way split.  So the final result of the class prize was a four way split

between the following talented players:  Zachary High, Jonathan McNeill, Elliot Cartee, and Larry Cooper.  Congratulations to all the winners!!     


On a personal note, I'm a person who likes to joke around a lot.  Sometimes I say things in jest that either

come out wrong, or could be misinterpreted.  Such was the case at this tournament when I made a fairly

ridiculous comment to a good friend about him just having beaten a low rated girlI was making a facetious

remark in the spirit of good fun, which was intended for his ears only.  Well, the remark was overheard,

and someone was offended by it.  In hindsight I don't think the remark was appropriate.  I certainly

did not mean to imply that women are inferior players, or that my friend was not to be congratulated on his

victory, but was simply picking with a friend to relieve some stress.  I can see how such a comment

could be hurtful, and for that I apologize.  Thanks for your patience, folks...I'm a work in progress.   


You may be wondering why the winners this month were featured as modern art masterpiecesThey say

necessity is the mother of blame the photographer here.  All of my winner's photos were a bit

fuzzy this month, so I made the best of things by offering an artistic rendition courtesy of Adobe Photoshop

and a little tinkering.  In my humble opinion, the artwork is at the least interesting, and a change of pace. 

NO CALLS, please, I have painter's block.     


Stay tuned in March as we implement two exciting changes.  First, players will be able to pre register and

pay via Paypal.  This will allow the use of credit or debit cards, or direct draft from your bank.  The process

is safe, easy, and convenient.  You will be paying Asheboro Chess Club directly, and nobody on our end can see

your personal information.  Stay tuned for more details.  Second, Asheboro Chess Club be adding VIDEO to our multimedia lineup.  You will be able to access this video via a link on our website, but it will NOT be accessible

to the general public via search.  The possibilities for this are mind boggling!  If a picture is worth 1000 words,

a video is worth 1,000,000!!


Be sure to check our website often for all this and more: 


I appreciate everyone who helped make The Asheboro Open XXI a success:  Special Assistant John Davis volunteers his time month after month to help with the tournament.  This month, Jonathan McNeill pitched in to help with setup and cleanup afterward.  Also, Asheboro Chess Club TD Mark Stout came in early Saturday morning to

lend a hand.  Last but not least I want to thank the chess players of North Carolina for their support this year. 

We can't do it without you! 


The Asheboro Open XXII is March 3rd!  Now is the time to make those chess memories that will last a

lifetime.  Come be a part of it all at TAO XXII!




William "Tom" Hales, Chief TD

The Asheboro Open


Asheboro Chess Club subscribes to the "Activity Means Members" philosophy of the

US Chess Federation.  Rated chess attracts new members, and helps regain those who have

lapsed.  We want to thank everyone who participated, and we encourage you to support other

tournaments and clubs in the area:   




Asheboro Chess Club meets Tuesdays from 6:00pm until 10:00pm

at the W.H. Moring Arts Center, 125 Sunset St, Asheboro, NC 27203

Enter parking lot at Bicentennial Park, turn left, and we are right next

to First National Bank.  Look for sign 125 Meeting Room.


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